Friday, 31 May 2013

Scissor Happy

If you read my last post you will know that I made the drastic decision in having a major style change with my hair! After booking the appointment I've had nightmares of it going completely wrong, and even nearly canceling it, although my sister and boyfriend were instant that I went for it (they are mainly responsible for me going through with it, and I'm glad I did!) Being an indecisive person in general really doesn't help when it comes to having a whole new haircut! I was getting so nervous this afternoon, as I knew a good few inches were going to be cut off. It was something I really wanted, but when you've had long hair for so long it kind of becomes a security blanket! 
I explained to the hairdresser exactly what I wanted, and just thought 'well, there's no going back now!'. She cut inches off slowly which I appreciated so she didn't snip it all off at once, but I kept telling her, shorter, shorter, if I'm going to do this I'll do it properly! It took hardly any time surprisingly to snip off the majority and add a few layers, then I got it blow dried and straightened. I hardly ever have my hair done by professionals so it was nice to be pampered, just a shame I'm not doing anything tonight but sitting in front of the telly! Here are some piccies!

Before/ After
Please excuse the state of my hair before hand, I left it and had to brush it out, and my face, I look very miserable..

I had some maaaajor length off, and cut off all the dip dye. I cannot tell you how happy I am with it! I don't usually like my hair straight but with this cut I really like it. I can't wait to play about with it over the next few days, and seeing what it looks like naturally and when I curl it. I think it looks alot trendier than my huge mane which was getting out of control. It feels so much lighter on my head too, it's very weird, and it's really soft as all the dead dry ends have been banished. I feel so grown up that I have a sophisticated new haircut before I turn 21 in August, and a summer full of big plans. 

What do you think guys?!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Going for the chop

Like many girls (or women..?) at the age of 20, I've had some pretty hideous haircuts over the years. I cringe even looking back at badly cut fringes and lengths that just don't do my face any justice what so ever. I left secondary school with a wavy mess of shoulder length hair with a hideous half grown out fringe, which I let grow out. It got a decent length before uni, and I vowed I would grow and grow it out until it was as long as I wanted. I did this for a year, and had no haircut what so ever, which left me with my long locks that I'd been wanting forever! I made this small montage of how my hair has changed over the years, I can't believe some of these are still on facebook. A timeline montage is fun, don't cha think? You can see how much you've changed! 

Hair, make up, and fashion have all got better with time don't you agree! I've had my long locks now for about a year, and I have to say, I am emotionally attached to my hair. I've only even had it cut once, and then I was so nervous to let someone touch it. For a change a few months ago, you may have seen that I dip dyed it. I really loved this look, but I've been thinking to myself recently it's time for an even more drastic change. A big chop! 

Although as much as I long hair, It's a major hassle. I wash it daily (I know I shouldn't but otherwise it's major flop), and it takes a while to blow dry, style, curl or straighten, and even now when I curl it, the style doesn't stay for more than a few hours and just drops out due to the thickness and weight of my hair. As soon as I'm home, I usually wack it up in a bun out of the way, cos most of the time it annoys me and gets in the way! Walking home from uni in the wind the other day, well, I couldn't see to be honest. Hair was everywhere, and I thought, right, that's it! 

I went into my local Southampton hairdressers (Justice for Hair in Bedford place, I only went in there once before but it's a lovely salon and they did a really good job) on Saturday and booked my appointment! I'm getting a cut and style, and after I walk in there Friday there's no going back. I'm such an indecisive person in general, but deep down I really want to get it cut to a medium length.  I need something really new, and a change (I'm not sure, maybe i'm having a quoter life crisis?!) I'm slightly tempted to take scissors to it myself so there's no going back! I'm such an indecisive person in general, but this is something I really want to do. What's the worst that can happen anyway, I hate it, it looks hideous.. but hair grows back! I'm really hoping that it will leave me with hair that is in much better condition, healthier and easier. There's a tiny part of my brain that keeps saying 'No Ellen! What are you doing?! You love your hair!' but my boyfriend, friends and family are all telling me to go for it! 

Recently I've been seeing some amazing medium length cuts, which I think look so trendy and easy! I'm not on the hunt for some photo inspiration of what I want, here are some medium lengths which I really love!:

I also asked about colour, as I really want my hair stripped as it's nearly black now as it has so much dye on. I had a colour patch test with the dye, and it's left me with sore red marks, so I think that's a DIY project I'll have to decide on after, as it seems like the salon dye hasn't reacted well with my skin! I'll let you know how I get on friday.. WISH ME LUCK!!

Have you ever had the urge to do something completely different with your hair?!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Payday Haul

Well.. I finally cracked. After 3 weeks of pining to buy something, as my payday arrived today and I just couldn't resist the call of the shops! There were a few beauty bits I needed anyway, but I didn't go mad, as I'm saving some money for a trip to London in a couple of weeks! Here are some bits I bought:

Essentials from savers, my favourite place for all my bits and bobs - it's so cheap! I needed a new moisturizer as my current 'mattifying' one is drying out my skin, this simple replenishing one should do the trick. This big bottle of body was was only £1! So were these little vo5 bottles, perfect for my holiday. Just picked up some body spray as I'd ran out, and also some of my blistex relief lip cream. This stuff is amazing, I have a really horrible habit of picking at my lips, and sometimes they get awfully chapped and even crack and bleed! A few applications of this sees them restored to soft and supple lips, it's really great. 

With 3 for 2 over all make up items in superdrug it was hard to stick to just 3.. otherwise it was going to go to 6 or 9 items! I got this MUA blusher as an alternative for daytime, as it doesn't sparkle like the natural collection one I use when I go out. I picked up a collection 2000 base coat strengthener, and this white shade of MUA nail polish. Its a really lovely off white neutral, that I can use on it's own, or use under my models own neon one. I'd wanted a foundation brush for a while, and picked up this double ended one in H&M. They're brushes seem really good as I already have a couple, and really good value too.

I picked up another one of these candles from Primark. They burn for hours, and this coconut and mango one smells AMAZING! Can't wait to start using it. How cute are these midi rings from Topshop?! I usually look elsewhere for jewllery as Topshop is quite pricey (all be it amazing, I want to own every single necklace in there!) but I couldn't resist these. Midi rings are just starting to hit the high street, as I was going to head to ebay to get some. These cute tiny gold effect ones have a flower, simple jewel and tiny butterfly on them, perfect for summer. They're really thin and dainty too, I can't wait to wear them! I also picked up these gold band rings from H&M. I like how they're all different widths to build them up or just wear a couple of dainty ones.

I'm really loving the stilletto trend this season, they look so pretty and dressy.. but after trying some on today I had to face the fact I cannot physically walk in them, without wobbling over or the balls of my feet starting to burn within seconds. I was pretty gutted until I came across these.. sandals that have the simplicity of stilettos, but comfty flat-ness! They will be my perfect 'dressy' sandals, and good for my holiday, and the thing it that they actually give the appearance of stilettos from the front. To top it all off they were down to £10 from £15!

Skater skirt from Primark. White is always a tricky colour, but I think this skirt will be great for some summer outfits. Any stains can get bleached aswell! 

This maxi dress is from Primark too, It caught my eye as I really liked the pattern, the strapless style, and the pockets. It looks lovely on, and alot more expensive than the £10 I paid for it.
I hope you enjoyed my little show and tell there, I feel as if I needed some treats after all my hard work this term!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Southampton Fashion Week

Over this week, Southampton had various fashion events going on, all based on the work of Southampton Solent graduates. A while ago we were sent an email if we were willing to volunteer to help with the graduate fashion show, and me and my friends were really up for it. They had helped out last year, and said it was something good to put on your CV, as well as a bit of fun as it was after all my deadlines, so I thought, hey, why not! After we were told as part of helping out with the front of house duties, we would have our hair, make up and nails done by the hair and make up artists, I was rather excited, although didn't quite know what to expect.

As were chosen to help with front of house for the show, and arrived at the venue at 12.30pm. We were whisked into hair and nails as soon as we got there, and my hair got brushed, scraped, tied and straightened into the most tightest ponytail I have ever had in my life. It felt like I'd been given a facelift! It looked so great though. We also got fake nails stuck on, they looked lovely but it was so odd as I'd never had them put on before! I really liked them but they just felt so weird.  All the girls were to have the same hair and make up done to look professional, and to promote the uni and it's talented students. 

Stage 1, my ponytail! Excuse the plant taking up most of the photo, at this point we had no make up on!!

Pretty nails which were navy and statement galaxy effect ones. 
For me, the nails weren't too much of an issue as I have long nail beds,  but watching my friend Caroline with claws just made me laugh, I had to open her food for her! Texting was difficult too with my long thumb.. I have no idea how girls wear these all the time!

It was alot of waiting around as they had loads of front of house girls and models to get all made up. 

(Photo borrowed from MUA Alda!)

It was a really long process to do the intricate make up they'd designed for us. We had to have templates and tissues stuck all over our face, we couldn't stop laughing that we looked like sci-fi elephants! 

The eyes done..

The final make up was amazing! It took a while but it gave such a great effect with all the girls done exactly the same. 

At 6.45 I was given to job to go and collect the VIP's from s very fancy bar across the road. You can imagine I got some strange looks! We helped usher people to their seats and just generally stood around helping anyone. We got to see the fashion show for free, which was the highlight of the day. The standard of clothing was amazing. With some of the models being professionals, it was a really great show. Some outfits I couldn't believe were designed and made by garduates, they looked as if they could have come down the catwalks of Chanel!

(More photos borrowed from Alda!)
I wasn't allowed my phone on me so I borrowed these photos! I was stood right next to the stage and had a great view! It was a long day but definitely worth it. It's always great just to help out at things like this just for experience! :) We got some really weird looks walking home, and it took about 5 face wipes and alot of scrubbing to get all the blue off!!

Life Update

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well! As you may (or may not) have noticed I've been away for a while. These last few weeks have been really crazy and I just haven't had time to sit down and blog! :( Here are some photos and life updates of mine!

My outfit for my friend's 21st | Sunset and cranes in Southampton | Loving this Paramore song recently!

Enjoying the sun at home | Summer nails | 8 hour library session!

Funny quote I thought was appropriate | Smoothie, cereal and hot drink when I was feeling under the weather | Cheeky lift outfit shot

Pizza hut delivery cookie dough.. the best tasting thing EVER | My final Ted Baker Report, all 54 pages of it! | Magazine samples

Happy at home | My new life quote | Blue lips at Southampton fashion week.. Post to follow! 

These last few weeks have been full of my last deadlines for the year, and my management and marketing unit saw me as well as my two course mates in the library every single day for a whole week, doing up to 8 hour sessions on the computers. My friend literally stayed in there for about 12 hours a day, it was a difficult time for all of us but we pulled through.. We definitely had some dark times, sweat and tears!Me and my friend caroline came down really ill because of the stress of it all before the hand in as well which made things worse.We felt like rubbish but HAD to keep on going!  I finally had a nightmare of a hand in on monday (online university submission application not working) and I couldn't be happier! I'm so glad I've handed in my last piece of work and can finally start my summer. It was the most stressful thing I've ever done, and it the work just took so much time! I swear my dissertation next year won't be as bad...

I've been popping to and from my home in Somerset which has been nice, to spend time with my mum and boyfriend. James has his exams this week but finished next Tuesday. He's been really stressed out with revision, and doesn't help I'm bouncing about smiling and happy that I'm finished for summer! His last exam is next Tuesday and we've planned to go out for a meal to celebrate. He deserves a break, he's had such a busy last year at uni! I can't wait for him to finish and we can finally spend some decent time together. It's rather stressful balancing a relationship whilst being at uni. Luckily we're both in Southampton, but being busy and him commuting means we only get to spend 2 nights a week together. Don't get me wrong, that's alot more than some other couples get, but sometimes I find it really rubbish, and I can't wait for summer to begin for both of us and we can spend proper days together!

I haven't been shopping in about.... 3 or 4 weeks. I've been too busy! For any fashion student by the way, is a LONG time! I've been so good and been saving, I've been doing extra shifts at work and my payday is tomorrow. My sister and I are planning a big London shopping trip in a couple of weeks so I just have to hold out till then! It's only 3 weeks until I go on holiday and it cannot come soon enough! I need some sun in my life.

Yesterday I did something very fun and helped out at Southampton's graduate fashion show, it was such a crazy day and I can't wait to write a post about it, I have lots to blog about, so stay tuned!

Friday, 3 May 2013

OOTD 03/05/2013

Hi Everyone! I hope you're all enjoying this glorious weather, I hope it really sticks around for a while! I've had quite a busy week, all my deadlines are looming in the next week or so and I'm now in panic mode.. However I have been loving the sunshine and have been trying to get outside as much as I can or sitting in a local park, living a flat with no garden sucks when it's warm! I'm so glad I went on a little summer spree last week, as the majority of it has been worn already! Summer dresses are so lovely to just throw on! Today was the first time I wore one of my little cami tops I purchased in Primark last week. They have them in so many colours now, i'm tempted to go back and get them all for £5 each!

Top, necklace and tights - Primark
Shorts - H&M (oldd)

I was a little worried as I said in my last post, I had to get these tops in a size 14 to fit nicely, and for the straps not to be awkward and tight over my 'chest area'. Because of this, there's this weird seam on each side that I swear is meant to be for your boobs, but its nowhere near.. I just don't know. BUT ANYWAY. Worries asides (and it safely pinned to my bra all day not for it not to fall down and flash my bra to everyone), I really love this top! It's so cool and easy to wear. I wasn't doing much today, I was in uni for a few hours then popped into town, so I teamed it with my trusty denim shorts and tights (It's not THAT hot just yet!). I'm a bit gutted as I went to get my fish eye camera film developed, only to find out that only 2 of the photos had come out.. Nice of boots to only charge me £1 for the two, but still, I know it had a time capsule of photos from the last year on it, and I'm gutted they've all now been lost! The cons of analog film!

This top would definitely even be nice for a night out with a midi skirt or something.. I can tell I will get lots of use from these! The other white one with the black straps i'm wearing out tomorrow night with my high waisted black treggings from Topshop, which I think will look really nice. I'm off out for my friend's 21st (it seems like all my friends are 21 or well over now, I feel like a little baby at 20 still!) so hopefully I can relax my brain with some alcohol, and some more ideas will come flooding in.. that's the plan anyway!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and the sunshine stays out!