Thursday, 27 March 2014

London Fashion Week


One of the most exciting things we managed to do this year so far was visit London Fashion Week. I'd been to the 'London Fashion Weekend' event where you have to purchase tickets, but never just rocked up during the actual shows during fashion week. Our uni ran a free bus so that was great for us to have a wonder round Somerset House. It was an amazing experience, we even spotted a few celebrities and bloggers! We snapped away taking street style photos for our work. There were so many weird and wonderful outfits there!

We didn't manage to get into any shows, although we did attend a presentation space by designer brand 'Hemyca'. I'd never attended a real fashion show, so it was dead exciting for me! We stood in a room whilst models posed in front of the audience in front of a projected brand video and light boxes. There was also free G&T which was a bonus! The clothes were beautiful, and it was a great experience to have seen.




 It was a really exciting day, I can't believe I'd never been before! Did anyone else try to get into any LFW shows?!

Ellen xxxxxx

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