Thursday, 31 January 2013

White Fish Eye Lomography Camera Review

This post is slightly different for me. I thought i'd do a little review of something i've had for a good couple of years now, and love using! I bought this when I worked part time on my gap year and wanted an exciting camera to take with me to places and take some really good photos. I wanted (and still want) a polaroid, but the newer ones they make are over £100, which I don't really have to spare now i'm at uni! :(

This fish eye camera, know they sell them in urban outfitters now for about £70, although I've recently seen some in the sale for £20 (bargain, I would grab one if you can!) I actually purchased mine from here: as it was much cheaper online at the time at just £45. The flash runs on AA batteries, and takes the photographs on 30mm film. The packaging it originally came in is at home, but it came in a wonderful box and instructions on how to use/load the film, and a little booklet with loads of fun fish eye photos to give you some inspiration. It pretty much looked like this one:

This little baby is a bit knocked about as i've had it for a couple of years now, and has come with me to different countries and all sorts! It comes with a rubber wrist band and lens cap, which is all attachable. This is really handy to carry it about when you're snapping, and means you never loose the cap to go over the lens! It's so lightweight, but it is a bit awkward to fit into a smaller bag. 

It's really easy to load with film, and you can put any type of 30 mm film into it (black & white/colour/lomography). The flash you can easily turn on and off with a switch at the front. I really love the little fishy detail on the top! When you take a photograph, this thing almost feels like a toy.. when I first got it I was convinced it wasn't actually taking the photo, as it just goes 'PING!' and you wind the film on. To my surprise, getting the photographs back I was amazed! It had given me clear, 180 degree photographs, that had a vintage/lomography feel to them. 

I don't use it too often as buying the film and getting them developed costs around £8 a time, but I love to use it as my own personal time capsule. I usually have the same reel of film in there for a few months and take a few snaps every now and then. When I get them developed I love looking back at photographs I'd forgotten I'd even taken, and things I'd done/seen that I'd forgotten about.

Here are some of my favourite photographs I'd had developed (all unedited!):

The camera gives the best photos in bright sunlight, and are really clear and colourful. In the dark/shade the photos come out slightly grainy, but I kind of like that film effect. I've forgotten to use it so many times and kicked myself because they've come out so dark you can hardly see a thing.

I first used this film: as I thought it would give me a more 'instagrammed' effect on some of my images. It did on most of them, but I was disappointed as some of my images came out different colours randomly, that kind of ruined it:

These ones came out really green/yellow for some reason.. I was disappointed as it kind of spoils it.

This one very pink..

and this one very orange.

I think it's meant to be the film effect, but I wasn't too happy! I could easily scan them in and edit them on photoshop, but it kind of takes away the colour of the image. From now on i'm using normal kodak colour film.

The only thing I would say is that you can't see 100% through the view finder, as the lens cuts off about half of it as it's so big! You kind of just have to point and shoot, which is all part of the fun really.

I hope you enjoyed that little review, and perhaps if your thinking about getting one it may have swayed your decision! These little cameras are great for capturing special trips and moments, and I like using something other than my digital camera and iphone!

Do you own a fish eye camera? Has it given you any great photo memories? :)

OOTD 31/01/2013

It still feels very weird writing 2013 on posts and seeing it around! I can't believe today is the last day of January, I swear it feels like only a week since Christmas?! That means valentines day is just round the corner.. which may be dreaded by the singletons with roses and hearts everywhere, but I am very excited! My boyfriend and I (together 3 and a half years next month!) are going for a 4 course meal  and cocktails at one of our favourite restaurants, I am beyond excited! Food + dressing up + alcohol = what's there not to love?! I'm hoping he's going to think about a nice cheesy present for me, as when your in a long term relationship, the word 'romance' can be lost slightly!  

But anyway.. enough about that. I really need to start some uni work, but I am really in a lazy frame of mind recently and can't be bothered - I'd rather blog! 

My flatmate becky and her boyfriend have recently had the winter flu/bug/lurgi, so I've tried to stay away from both of them around the house recently, and my boyfriend and mum have had bad colds. I thought I'd just about got away with not getting anything until this week (very surprisingly, as I haven't been ill for a good few months!), but it seems I spoke too soon when I've seem to come down with something weird. I've been very achey, headachey, have a sore throat and cough. It's come on very suddenly, but I seem to be feeling alright. It seems it's just something underlying that seems to go away with a few tablets, and not a 'oh my goodness, I cannot move out of bed' kinda thing, which I'm thankful for. I'm dying to go out but for me for the next few days is vitamin C, hot drinks, and plenty of sleep so this thing doesn't get any worse. I remember last time I had the flu I couldn't get out of bed for a few days, so I'm praying it's nothing like that. I hate having to look after myself though, and not having my mummy around to look after me!

But anyway. I seem to be rambling! Here is the main feature of today's post: my outfit/face for today!

Top - Internationale 
Skirt/bracelets - Topshop 
Necklace/bracelets &Tights (holey!) - Primark 

(Appologies for the ketchup on my bedside table.. I'm a uni student, and I eat in bed. What can I say!??)
I'm not even doing much today really, but it's my day off uni, and I always like to wear a nice outfit and get ready just incase I decide to go outside and do something! This morning I made breakfast and did some hoovering, which took a while as there's alot of corridor space in our flat! I also booked a haircut... which took me a good five minutes to muster up the courage to do! I LOVE my hair, and I've been growing it for a year and a half and haven't had it touched! But recently it's getting really out of hand, and I just want it sorted out! I'm actually proper nervous. I was recommended the place by my friend who said they're lovely, so hopefully I won't get too much chopped off, but we shall see! :S

Rings - H&M
Nail Varnish - Topshop

I have to thank my friend Becky for lending me this gorgeous colour. I need it in my life! I'm not sure which shade it is, but it's a Topshop one. I absolutely love it! One thing I've done recently is shape my nails differently. I've always done them square, but I really wanted a change. It was really easy, and I think they're looking good! They also grow longer now, as they break less as the courners don't get caught and tear. Stiletto type nails are so lovely. 

I'm almost dreading my haircut tomorrow.. I'm not sure why but I just fear what they're going to do! Does anyone else feel like this or am I just crazy!!? 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hiya, just a quick post to ask if you could take a gander at my eBay items! I've got so many things (lots of scarves) that are great condition and want to get rid off. I've started everything off really low with free P&P! You can see my items * HERE! *. Thanks! :) 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

OOTN - 25/01/2013

On my last post I wrote about finding this lovely dog print top in Zara for a measly £8! A few hours later and a spontaneous night out planned, I decided it was a smart casual top to wear for the occasion. I teamed it with my gold chain necklace from H&M, and my new Kate Moss 107 Berry lipstick. I was unsure about getting a dark lipstick for ages, but I decided to bit the bullet with this one, and I'm glad I did. It's a wonderful colour, and smells amazing!

On my bottom half I put on my trusty (and warm) wet look leggings, and had my Primark black studded clutch bag. I also had new shoes to my joy (don't you love wearing new clothing!?). I picked up some amazing black wedges in H&M that are gorgeous and comfy, perfect for going out dancing. On tuesday I came across the cream ones, in the sale, from £30 to £7, and I complained the had a mark on and got another £1.70 off, so they ended up being just over £5! So now I have  them in two colours, which I love! 

I'm afraid I didn't get any decent outfit shots, but here are a couple of photos that show you my outfit a little better. (Really sorry they're such bad quality! No cameras were taken out so it was all phone shots!)

Me posing on my lonesome! At least you can see my outfit :)

We won way too many free drinks!

Drunken hugs! I look so pale in these photos, I haven't fake tanned in a while, and the winter has got to my skin!

 It was a night where you played rock paper scissors against the bar staff, and if you won, you won another free round of drinks. Amazingly we all kept winning, so there were drinks flowing all night. Needless to say getting up at 8am for work with only 4 hours sleeps was a struggle, and I took a much needed 3 hour nap earlier! I'm starting to really want to make the most of uni nights with my friends right now, because before I know it, I'll be graduating and into the big wide world of work!!

Bulldog Blouse

So this week has been busy busy busy! I've been back at uni and have been set my new 3 briefs. They're all quite different, but all theoretical surprisingly! So no sketchbook work, which I'm kind of glad about, considering when I'm doing 2 sketchbooks at a time I can go through about 10 pritt sticks and £60+ worth of ink printing out images! Although I really like doing them, I've got lots of fashion written pieces and online photo shop pages to create, which is fine really, it's just going to be alot of work.

After our seminar yesterday me and my friend Caroline went into town as I had a couple of things to do. I picked up my new uniform (my loovely bodycon black dress, so lovely it deserves two o's) from next, and it was as lovely as I remembered it. It's a gorgeous thick textured fabric that really fits well and flatters your shape:

I did a close up on the fabric so you can see, it's got nice raised lines all over it. For £35, I would say it was really good value for a LBD that you can always dress up, and down, and will be really formal and smart for certain occasions. It was really comfortable too at work today, but did find the arm holes dug in slightly, but I find the sizings quite odd in there, so it fit beautifully everywhere else.

I also popped into Zara. I don't go in there too often now, but I thought i'd take a look at their sale that was still on. To my surprise there was tons of beautiful things in there, and I couldn't resist this little blouse! I originally saw the print on a pair of trousers and thought they were adorable, but a little OTT, but once I found this top I was sold. It has a gorgeous cute little bulldog print all over it. It was from £23 to just £8, and I couldn't say no.

Look at the little doggies with their tongues poking out! Such a lovely print! The studs and fit make it quite smart, but I think I could wear it in the daytime too. What a bargain. 

I also returned a dress to Primark, and part exchanged it for these lovelies:

There's a huge trend for these knick knack hipster bracelets right now, but everywhere such as Topshop and River Island sell them for a ridiculous amount for what they actually are, pieces of string! When I came across these three string bracelets for £1.50 I grabbed them. I find bracelets are a really good way of making your outfit more quirky and individual. They had another pack with turquoise and silver ones, so I may be picking that set up too in the next week or so!

I wore my pretty new blouse on a night out too, outfit to follow! Are you still hunting down bargains even thought it's the end of January? I still am!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter Wonderland

Today me and my friend Becky wanted to take a trip out to appreciate the snow whilst it was still around (although most of it in places was now muddle sludge/ice!) and took a walk to Southampton Common. I'd only been there a couple of times, but drenched in the white stuff, the place looked amazing, like a Christmas card! I took a couple slices of mouldy bread too to feed the birds, ducks and swans that were there and they went mad for it and absolutely swarmed us!

Coat, hat, scarf & wellies - Primark, Leggings, H&M

The walk gave me a chance to test out these bad boys! After work I rushed to Primark, knowing if the snow was going to around for a while and me not having any suitable snow shoes, I'd need something that I know I wouldn't make me fall over on the ice. Most of the wellies were gone, although these cute ones (in my size!) where left, and I grabbed them for a fiver. They're not exactly the most trendiest thing I've ever bought but they kept my feet nice and dry!

After we came home we cooked pizza and watched a film, and are now slobbing out in our Pjs watching Africa. What a perfect lazy Sunday before the madness begins back at uni tomorrow!

Did you all have fun in the snow? :)