Saturday, 31 May 2014

DIY White ripped jeans

I'm loving how white jeans have come back in style, and a great summer alternative to black or blue jeans. I'd been lusting over Topshop/Missguided/Boohoo ripped white jeans for a while and really wanted some. With my new graduate saving scheme in place (eg: no more clothes, I need to save for important things in life) I refused to pay upwards of £40 for some! I managed to create some jeans I like even better than the pricier ones I was after, and for a fraction of the price. Here's how I did it..

1. Get yer jeans out. I ended up picking nicely fitting (and surprisingly not see through) white skinny jeans in primark, for the bargain price of £10 and ripped them myself! I wanted them to look similar to the ones above with just the knee cut out.

 2. Mark out where you want to rip. I popped my jeans on and lightly marked my knees out in pencil so it didn't make too much of a mark.

3. Roll up and cut. I rolled up the hems as I do with all my jeans anyway to make them look a bit trendier, and just went for it with the scissors. I started by making two small cuts above and below the knee and made them bigger once I was happy. I found it helped if I cut dead straight across the threads, for the next bit..

4. Pull out threads. This took  a good few minutes, but I found it really theraputic! I made some cuts inbetween the two main cuts which made it alot easier. I used tweezers to pull out the vertical threads of the jeans, leaving the vertical. I then cut out a small section from the middle, leaving a slash for the knees.

...and Voila! This was the end result (nice tanned knees). 

I frayed the edges of the fabric a little more and pulled and made it look messy. I was so surprised how well it worked, I'll definitely be ripping more jeans some time soon! And so easy to do without paying the expensive price tag :)

Ellen xxxxxxxxxxxx

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