Monday, 27 August 2012

Autumn/Winter Wants

I seem to have spent the majority of my money over summer, with shopping, eating out, train tickets home and buying so many bits and pieces. I'm trying to save every penny for a possible last minute holiday with my boyfriend next month, so every time I want to buy something I distract myself by thinking of hot beaches and cocktails soon hopefully!
I haven't really been buying many clothes at all, and It's horrible being tempted by all the new season stock (especially working in a clothes shop myself) and wanting to update my wardrobe with the latest A/W trends. Here's a few bits and pieces that I will definitely be purchasing once I've saved up a bit again, and of course my student loan comes through!
 I'm loving all the neutral darker colours coming in, as that's what my style is closer to anyway, and I'm ready to get out my wooly hats, scarves and jumpers out once again!

I'm loving peplums at the moment, and they seem to have made a huge comeback after being in style a couple of years back. I love this dress from New Look, it would be great for a night out, simply on it's own with some gold jewellery and black heels, it would be quite a statement piece. I think it would flatter most body shapes too, by thinning your waist and extenuating your hips, and elongating your body with the stripes. Win win really! 

The River Island shrug image is actually from Google, as it seems they don't have anything similar in stock yet. I remember they had quite a few of these poncho type wraps in stock last year in different styles, and I loved them. I fully regret not buying one and definitely want one for this winter. It would be perfect to throw on over jeans and a long sleeved top when it starts to get colder, and they're so pretty and stylish. I can image wrapping it around me in cold lecture rooms next term when I have to get out of bed!

Maroon and dark reds seem to have taken over for this A/W, and these skinny jeans are the perfect staple to mix and match the trend into your style. They're very reasonable too at £17, and most of my tops are quite neutral anyway, so It would be great to get some red into my outfits.

I fell in love with these leggins from boohoo as soon as I saw them! I wear leggins a lot of the time and these subtly studded ones would look great with just a simple top or jumper, and add some pizzazz into a casual outfit, or I could even wear them out, I can see myself living in them for sure!

I've been meaning to buy this Topshop nail varnish for months! I just haven't got round to it! My friend Caroline bought it and I borrowed it once and  though 'I HAVE to buy this!'. I felt like a little girl again painting pink tinted sparkles on my fingers, and it was so glittery it looked amazing. Some glitter nail varnishes don't come out well and you end up with the odd speck here and there, but this range is full on sparkle overload. Also comes in silver and purple but for some reason I like the pinkish tinted one. Will buy this ASAP!

And finally, I am buying this onsie if it leaves me broke! I keep seeing it in store at work in Next and it is amazing! The photo isn't great, but it's a white, fluffy onsie, and I nearly died when I saw the hood had ears on! So so cute.The fabric is unbelievably soft, and with my staff discount It would be £22.50.. I may buy it as a Christmas present to myself. I want to come home after a cold walk from uni and put this on in the winter, and I could wear it instead of turning on the heating in the flat, so really I'd be saving money...? Yeah I'll go with that!

What does everyone else think of the high street's new season stock, has anyone else got things on their wishlists?