Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spring Shoes

It seems like the weather can't make up it's mind recently. One minute it's stormy and freezing, and the next it's feeling like 20 degrees and you don't even need a coat. I find this time of year difficult to dress for, it's not quite warm enough to ditch the jumpers but I'm already planning my holiday wardrobe in my head! 

From winter I now have a rather nice collection of ankle boots, although some days my feet get majorly hot, and I'm needing some transition shoes to get me through until it's proper sandal weather. I'm a big lover of those chunky shoes that are everywhere at the minute, and I found some perfect ones in New Look today. I still had a voucher to spend in there, and my housemate works in there so got me discount. They were £24.99 originally, but I got them for about £16! Bargain if you ask me.. (Thanks Becky!!)


I'm not really sure what to call them.. caged sandals? Are they actually sandals? I guess they are! I was tempted by the white ones, I think they look really cool on other people but the black ones where more 'me'. But they're lovely, chunky and I can't wait to wear them. I think they'd look alright with tights too, so hopefully I'll get quite a bit of wear out of them. It's nice to have got myself a little treat until I can shop again. As Easter is so late this year, it means my last student loan is still forever away. Sadly, the rest of my summer attire will have to wait!

Ellen xxxxxxxxx

Friday, 28 March 2014

Nicole x Missguided Collection

I've always been a big Nicole Scherzinger fan from watching the X-factor, I think she's so genuine (and has a body every girl would envy!), and I was always keen to see what she would wear every week. Following her on instagram I could see she had an amazing wardrobe full of designer and high street pieces. So when I heard that she was collaborating with Missguided I was intrigued to see what designs she would come up with. I have to say I wasn't overwhelmed with the whole collection, although some of the monochrome pieces I woudn't mind having in my wardrobe! I love the whole retro Americana feel to her shoot, and she looks as glamorous as ever.


Missguided was a website I only used to browse, as I'm not a huge fan of internet shopping. I'm just always unsure about the sizings and fit, and I hate the fact you can never see what the item is really like until you have it in your hands. Although having said this, I'd been looking for some flattering bralet style crop tops to wear on a night out, and came across the perfect ones on the Missguided website. I couldn't find anything else similar so I decided to go for it. Turns out the items were perfectly true to size, were of lovely quality, and just £9.99 each I decided to get a black and a white one. I was dead happy with my purchase, and will most likely be ordering something else very soon! I wore my black top on a night out the other week - with a gold chunky chain, black ankle boots and my baby blue pleather skirt from Primark. (How gorgeous is it for just a tenner, I was over the moon when I found it in my size!)

Ellen xxxxxxxx