Sunday, 24 March 2013

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Body Butter Review

Hi everyone. Just a quick post about an amazing deal and product I got at boots the other day! :)

I bought my friend a soap and glory product she needed for her birthday, being pretty pricey for a decent tube/bottle of whatever (but being known for smelling/doing amazing things!) I rarley purchase the brand for myself, but they usually make lovely gifts for my girl friends! (I hope she's not reading this..!)

 Boots are currently doing an offer where if you spend over £10 on Soap & Glory products you get a free body butter worth £10.50 alone! I couldn't resist and purchased a mini product to make up the £10, and got the free gift and well, I love a bargain, and this body butter is fabulous!!

This body butter has S&G written all over it, with cute pin up packaging, in a really nice deep pink pot. It's pretty huge! What I noticed about this product is the amount of essences and oils added to this, I have no idea what half of them are but it smells amazing! I've used the hand cream 'hand food'  before, which is amazing by the way, and smells more like sweet marshmallows. This however, has a gorgeous fruity orangey type scent to it, and smells soooo good when rubbing it in. The texture is very thick, more so than my normal moisturizer (I'm a palmer's cocoa butter kinda girl), and I was worried it might make my skin greasy, but it soaks into the skin really well, leaving it soft and supple, not greasy at all! With the huge pot, I can imagine if I saved it for certain days it's going to last me a good few months. I wouldn't personally spend £10.50 on moisturizer, but that's just me being a student, and during the winter I've had to pile it onto my skin to stop is drying out, using something like this would cost me a fortune! But as a free gift and a little bit of luxury after some of my baths, this was definitely worth the other purchases! I also have a little body scrub too that I got to make up the price, which I can't wait to use. It's white with little pink beads in, looks so nice!

So if you're a soap and glory fan - get yourself down to Boots asap to grab this great offer! I couldn't believe  I got something worth £10 for free. I can guarantee you won't regret it!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

MUA Make Up Haul!

Hello everyone! How are you all? I've seen some panic round the bloggesphere about google removing it's google reader or something, and everyone moving over to bloglovin? I have no idea what this is all about, could someone kindly explain it to me..?! Thanks! haha.

Anyway, moving on. Before I carry on I'll tell you a story. I'm currently at home in Somerset for a few days, and packing I decided to bring quite a lot home, as usually when I'm home for just a weekend I literally take the basics, but this time I packed my curlers, several outfit options, necklaces, some work, everything I could think of. I even remembered to pack my toothbrush, razor, and deodorant (items I regularly forget!)

So imagine the horror that bestowed me when I realize I'd left my entire make up case on my desk in my room in Southampton. Yep, I was planning to be home for at least 3 days, and every single make up item (luckily apart from my favourite topshop lippy I keep in my bag!) was left back at my student flat. I honestly wanted to burst into tears, but my mum just gave me some tough love and said 'well, at least nobody died'. Which is true, just the fear of going make-up-less for several days made my skin crawl!

 It's not like I have acne or anything majorly wrong with my face, I just do not feel comfortable in any way shape or form leaving the house without my products on. Sad really! I'm just a very girly girl, I love my make up, and feel as if most days I need it. My mum had a few cheapy bits and pieces which I slapped on this morning (to go and buy some new make up!), and I ended up with an orangey face and clumpy lashes, but it was better than nothing!

Where I live the local boots is shut on a sunday, so we had to go a bit further (20 mins drive) to get to a super drug! Living in the countryside in Somerset is ridiculous when I'm used to the city shops.

I knew it was 2 for 1 on rimmel products, so I thought I might as well stock up on my primer and foundation that I'll always use. I was going to pick up the other things I needed from the rimmel counter too, when I realized superdrug sold MUA products. I kept the foundation and primer (products I knew where good and worth the price) and decided to stock up on cheaper, MUA products, that were safer for my student budget. I've heard these products are really good for the price, and I've tried the pressed powder, and it seems to work just as well as any other product I've used. 

I picked up some essential items I needed to use for the next few days, and treated myself to a couple of products I'd wanted for a while, oops! In the Southampton stores, the MUA stand is usually half empty and wrecked, obviously the sign of a good brand! However this smaller store's was perfectly stacked and fully stocked, and had loads of products I hadn't seen before.

Can you believe I got this all for under a tenner?! £8 in fact, such a bargain. I went  a bit mad and spent a good 10 minutes looking at all the fun things and deciding what I should get, here's what I eventually chose..

Eyeshadow palette - Was £4, now £3

We've all seen the urban decay pallettes, but this cheaper one really resembles it at a much affordable price. The pigmentation of the colours look really good, and theres a really lovely range of colours. I've been using cheaper brown eyeshadow during the day recently, and these shimmery colours just did it for me. I can't wait to use it and see what nice effects I can achieve.

Shimmer highlighting powder - £2

I'd been looking for a highlighting powder for a while, and this one seemed a bargain. I really liked the textured finish on this powder, and the shimmer is really nice and subtle, ad not glittery (which I think it OTT in the day!). I think a few swipes of this over cheekbones, nose and forehead it'll just give that extra something to my daily make up.

Blusher and Pressed Powder - £1 each

These were my basics! For such a cheap brand I love the lettering in the powder. It doesn't last long but it makes the product look more professional. This blusher is a perfect all round colour, and I hope it works as well as the powder.

Concealer stick - £1

I haven't used this before, but it's really similar to the collection 2000 concealer stick I usually buy, and is 99p cheaper. I can't go wrong really, it's only to cover my under eye bags for the next few days, I'm hoping it'll do a good job!

Hope you enjoyed that little haul, I'm so annoyed at myself for leaving my make up bag in Southampton, but I'm really looking forward to using all my new things tomorrow haha! :)

Thursday, 14 March 2013