Friday, 21 September 2012

Born This Way Ball

Hello hello hello! I have been a terrible blogger these last few weeks and haven't posted anything in so long! I have had a really busy but great last few weeks which I'll update you on in following posts. I've even been on holiday number two of my summer, I am very lucky (although very broke) right now!

I wouldn't say I'm a die hard 'little monster' as far as Lady gaga fans are concerned, but who doesn't like to sing along to poker face and keep up to date with Gaga's latest crazy outfits? When I saw she was doing a tour in the UK I jumped at the chance to get a ticket, if anything just to get the chance to see one of the world's most famous pop stars in the flesh! My sister and I bought the tickets a good few months ago, and it came around so quickly, I have no idea where the last few months seemed to have gone! On the 9th September I traveled from Southampton to Andover, where my sister lives, and she drove us then to Twickenham stadium where she was performing. As soon as we got there (a good few hours before the show), we could hear her doing sound rehearsals from outside and I was more then excited! It was a beautiful hot September day, and waiting around was spent sunbathing outside the stadium. As we had seats we luckily didn't have to queue for days as some people had been, to get at the front which took the pressure off, and there were some people dressed in fantastic outfits (If you could call them that!).

The stadium was gigantic, I'd never really been to anywhere so big! We sat in our seats and watched the stadium slowly fill. It was still daylight when the supporting act The Darkness came on, and we rocked out to them! Not really knowing any of their songs apart from their hit 'I believe in a thing called love', their new album material seemed quite good, although I am partial to some rock music..


It was so exciting when Lady Gaga finally came on stage after hours of anticipation. It was lovely to see so many of her fans, young and old there all screaming for her! Having seats unfortunately I couldn't see as much as I'd have hoped, but it was still an amazing show, and I could see well on the screens either side of the stage. She sung note perfect, a really amazing live performer. In parts where she spoke to the audience she seemed so down to earth and thankful for her fans to have come to see her. Things thrown on stage she picked up gratefully,  and even pulled a girl on stage with her! I was a little bit jealous... It was so exciting to see her in the flesh, even if she was only a few millimeters tall from where I was sitting!

 I only got a few photos as for most of the time I was dancing/singing away! But it was a great atmosphere and worth the money! Being one of most controversial style icons of the recent times, It was a shame I wasn't closer because the outfits she was wearing were pretty incredible! After some research I discovered they were designed by Armarni. Here are some better close ups of the outfits. (Not my photos!)

 Lady Gaga Lady Gaga performing on stage during her Born This Way Ball at Twickenham Rugby Stadium. Lady Gaga invited a couple of 'Little Monsters' on stage with her. She changed costumes a massive 18 times and sang a cover version of John Lennon's Imagine and also sang a song about Princess Diana called 'Princess Di - D-I-E'.

 I think I'll be a more a bigger Gaga fan then I was after seeing her. I hadn't actually heard half of her new songs but I loved them all! It was a very long, hot sweaty day, but absolutely brilliant.
What do you think of Gaga's Ball outfits?

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