Friday, 21 September 2012

Holiday Antics

My and my boyfriend, James, had been talking about going on holiday together for a while and thought it would be something nice to do together before we start back at uni in October. To spend some time together and get some sun before the English winter sets in! It came to the week before and suddenly we realized we hadn't booked anything and started to panic. After a stressful week of arguing about where we should go, looking at pages and pages of hotels, we took a stab in the dark and just booked one 4 days before we wanted to set off! We chose a 4* hotel in Lanzorote. I hadn't been there before so I wasn't really sure what to expect, except I knew it was hopefully going to be very hot and sunny! The ryan air flights weren't all that great, and the price of the holiday has now left me a bit broke, but with all inclusive it was definitely worth it, and I had an incredible time! We'd never spent so much time together and I was worried we'd end up getting sick of each other, but we didn't at all and did so many exciting things together and made loads of great memories.



I had such a great time and I'm so sad to be home! It was about 30 degrees and not a cloud in the sky every day. For the first 5 days we just relaxed by the pool, and had dinner and cocktails every night. I took the opportunity to get my tan on (with plenty of suncream of course!). On the last two days we did some touristy things, we had a trip on a catamaran boat where it sails along the cost, and then stops for a while to let you chill out, which was amazing. We sunbathed, went on a jet ski, snorkeled and swam in the sea, and had a lovely lunch and free cocktails. I have to say by the time I got off I was a little drunk... I was very drunk actually haha!
The day before we went home we had a tour of one of the volcanic national parks Lanzorote has. It was really interesting and we saw some amazing landscapes and an actual volcano! We also had a camel ride, which was so fun! James wasn't too keen but he came on with me. The camel behind us seemed to love me and had it's face right up against mine, was a bit scary! I'm very brown and didn't burn or peel at all, so I think I did pretty well and have achieved a lovely brown shade which will save me fake tanning for a while hopefully! We're talking about going on holiday next year now too, and can't wait to start traveling together again. It felt quite adult going on holiday as a couple but I really enjoyed it, and it wasn't too hot in September, and of course there were not many children as they're all back at school, so it was lovely and quiet with no screaming toddlers about! I'm so lucky to have gone on two holidays in one summer! It's my 21st next year I'm definitely going to start saving up to do something just as good for my birthday hopefully!

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