Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Year of the Lipstick

Lips in Tease

Now until last year, it seems that lipstick has made a huge comeback. I remember the days when lipstick was nothing but something your nan wore on a night, only available in hideous red shades that dried out your lips in seconds, and you and all your girl friends were into sparkly scented lip glosses instead. Right? Well it seems like the make up brands have revolutionized  the lip stick phase in the last couple of years, and have for sure made it trendy again. Me and my friends are all obsessed with lipstick now, and can never resist buying and trying out new colours. From berry shades to dark purples to neon pinks and corals, you can get just about any shade in the counters at boots!
To be honest, I haven't tried out many lipstick brands, but I definitely know my favorite. If I was a millionaire I'd probably have mac coming out my ears, but for me as a student, it's topshop lipstick all the way. At £5 or £6 they're affordable, wonderful colours, pretty packaging, moisturising, and smell great, what more could you want?! I remember when Topshop first released their make up range, and I was so keen to try it. I have several nail varnishes from their range, as I find they're really unusual and pretty, and not a shade you could get anywhere else. Especially their glitter ones, they're amazing and so sparkly! But anyway, back to lipstick.. I now own four shades of lippy, and this year I'm determined to build up my collection further! These are my shades I currently own, how and when I wear them, and a  (bad quality!) photo of it on to get the idea of the colour!

Shade 1: 
This is my favorite lipstick, and I've already gone through two sticks in a few months. I wear this as an everyday lippy, or sometimes on a night out when I want paler lips. As I dislike the natural colour of my lips, I find this is a really nice pinky, nude tone that pales them down slightly, without looking OTT. It's lovely a moisturizing too so it's great to wear daily.

Shade 2: 

I'd never been confident enough to buy a red lipstick until I started uni! All the girls started to wear it when we went out and it kind of became a little trend amongst us. When I bought this I wanted a bright bright red, so this one was perfect. I have to feel brave to wear it out though and make sure I do subtle eye make up so it doesn't look too much, and it's also great for halloween/fancy dress ect! It really stays on for a long time too which is great.

Shade 3:

After I got the bright red, I wanted a bright pink! This colour is really fun, and girly, and really bright with a neon tint to it. It almost does look like a bright red once it's on, but it has much more of a pinky tinge to it. I don't wear this one that often anymore as I have to be in the mood, but it adds a punch of colour to a dark outfit. 

Shade 4:

I actually got this lipstick for free, when Topshop did a promotion celebrating their facebook fans, and with any online purchase you got a free lipstick, although you didn't get to choose the shade, I actually ordered something just for the free make up! I was unsure when I first saw the shade, as it was quite purple, but once on I really liked it. It's quite a pastel lilac with tints of pink, and looks really nice with certain outfits, and even I'd I hadn't of liked it it was free anyway.

Hope you enjoyed the read there, and I would definitely recommend trying at least one of Topshop's shades, they're always really on trend and great products! :)


  1. All these colours are lovely :) I've got a dark red topshop lipstick that I love but I need to try some more!
    Yasmin xx

  2. I really like the Brighton Rock shade, bright without being too pink, lovely :)
    happy new year!

  3. All very pretty, especially the last one! xx

  4. I love top shop makeup. i did a post on them for New Years makeup and chose the lipstick in Saint. But I love all their shades :) so hard to pick my favourite :)

  5. I think you described how most of us used to feel about lipstick to a T! I used to just wear lip balm or bare lips now I own 39 lipsticks. I love the 2 Topshop lipsticks I own (Mischief and All About Me) and want to try more.

  6. I love lipstick! I haven't yet tried TopShop's line of lipsticks but I will soon!
    Now that you have only told great things of it I think it's worth a go!
    I would love it if you checked out my fashion blog!!
    Your newest follower,
    -Chloé Akari

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  8. I'm trying to find the perfect lipstick at the moment, I'm too scared of reds at the moment so I'm slowly working my way towards it. I bought some Revlon lip butter the other day and its great!

    Great blog by the way, I would love to follow each other? Check out my blog and let me know :)


  9. Hi Ellen! Love your blog :) I have nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog :) xxxx Keep up the great work!

  10. This is so useful!! I've been looking everywhere to find a bunch of 'swatches' of these lipsticks, this is super! ^.^

  11. The first one looks like a lovely shade!
    The Introverted Brunette