Friday, 24 May 2013

Payday Haul

Well.. I finally cracked. After 3 weeks of pining to buy something, as my payday arrived today and I just couldn't resist the call of the shops! There were a few beauty bits I needed anyway, but I didn't go mad, as I'm saving some money for a trip to London in a couple of weeks! Here are some bits I bought:

Essentials from savers, my favourite place for all my bits and bobs - it's so cheap! I needed a new moisturizer as my current 'mattifying' one is drying out my skin, this simple replenishing one should do the trick. This big bottle of body was was only £1! So were these little vo5 bottles, perfect for my holiday. Just picked up some body spray as I'd ran out, and also some of my blistex relief lip cream. This stuff is amazing, I have a really horrible habit of picking at my lips, and sometimes they get awfully chapped and even crack and bleed! A few applications of this sees them restored to soft and supple lips, it's really great. 

With 3 for 2 over all make up items in superdrug it was hard to stick to just 3.. otherwise it was going to go to 6 or 9 items! I got this MUA blusher as an alternative for daytime, as it doesn't sparkle like the natural collection one I use when I go out. I picked up a collection 2000 base coat strengthener, and this white shade of MUA nail polish. Its a really lovely off white neutral, that I can use on it's own, or use under my models own neon one. I'd wanted a foundation brush for a while, and picked up this double ended one in H&M. They're brushes seem really good as I already have a couple, and really good value too.

I picked up another one of these candles from Primark. They burn for hours, and this coconut and mango one smells AMAZING! Can't wait to start using it. How cute are these midi rings from Topshop?! I usually look elsewhere for jewllery as Topshop is quite pricey (all be it amazing, I want to own every single necklace in there!) but I couldn't resist these. Midi rings are just starting to hit the high street, as I was going to head to ebay to get some. These cute tiny gold effect ones have a flower, simple jewel and tiny butterfly on them, perfect for summer. They're really thin and dainty too, I can't wait to wear them! I also picked up these gold band rings from H&M. I like how they're all different widths to build them up or just wear a couple of dainty ones.

I'm really loving the stilletto trend this season, they look so pretty and dressy.. but after trying some on today I had to face the fact I cannot physically walk in them, without wobbling over or the balls of my feet starting to burn within seconds. I was pretty gutted until I came across these.. sandals that have the simplicity of stilettos, but comfty flat-ness! They will be my perfect 'dressy' sandals, and good for my holiday, and the thing it that they actually give the appearance of stilettos from the front. To top it all off they were down to £10 from £15!

Skater skirt from Primark. White is always a tricky colour, but I think this skirt will be great for some summer outfits. Any stains can get bleached aswell! 

This maxi dress is from Primark too, It caught my eye as I really liked the pattern, the strapless style, and the pockets. It looks lovely on, and alot more expensive than the £10 I paid for it.
I hope you enjoyed my little show and tell there, I feel as if I needed some treats after all my hard work this term!

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  1. Great haul. I can't resist a good 3 for 1 either :) xo