Thursday, 23 May 2013

Southampton Fashion Week

Over this week, Southampton had various fashion events going on, all based on the work of Southampton Solent graduates. A while ago we were sent an email if we were willing to volunteer to help with the graduate fashion show, and me and my friends were really up for it. They had helped out last year, and said it was something good to put on your CV, as well as a bit of fun as it was after all my deadlines, so I thought, hey, why not! After we were told as part of helping out with the front of house duties, we would have our hair, make up and nails done by the hair and make up artists, I was rather excited, although didn't quite know what to expect.

As were chosen to help with front of house for the show, and arrived at the venue at 12.30pm. We were whisked into hair and nails as soon as we got there, and my hair got brushed, scraped, tied and straightened into the most tightest ponytail I have ever had in my life. It felt like I'd been given a facelift! It looked so great though. We also got fake nails stuck on, they looked lovely but it was so odd as I'd never had them put on before! I really liked them but they just felt so weird.  All the girls were to have the same hair and make up done to look professional, and to promote the uni and it's talented students. 

Stage 1, my ponytail! Excuse the plant taking up most of the photo, at this point we had no make up on!!

Pretty nails which were navy and statement galaxy effect ones. 
For me, the nails weren't too much of an issue as I have long nail beds,  but watching my friend Caroline with claws just made me laugh, I had to open her food for her! Texting was difficult too with my long thumb.. I have no idea how girls wear these all the time!

It was alot of waiting around as they had loads of front of house girls and models to get all made up. 

(Photo borrowed from MUA Alda!)

It was a really long process to do the intricate make up they'd designed for us. We had to have templates and tissues stuck all over our face, we couldn't stop laughing that we looked like sci-fi elephants! 

The eyes done..

The final make up was amazing! It took a while but it gave such a great effect with all the girls done exactly the same. 

At 6.45 I was given to job to go and collect the VIP's from s very fancy bar across the road. You can imagine I got some strange looks! We helped usher people to their seats and just generally stood around helping anyone. We got to see the fashion show for free, which was the highlight of the day. The standard of clothing was amazing. With some of the models being professionals, it was a really great show. Some outfits I couldn't believe were designed and made by garduates, they looked as if they could have come down the catwalks of Chanel!

(More photos borrowed from Alda!)
I wasn't allowed my phone on me so I borrowed these photos! I was stood right next to the stage and had a great view! It was a long day but definitely worth it. It's always great just to help out at things like this just for experience! :) We got some really weird looks walking home, and it took about 5 face wipes and alot of scrubbing to get all the blue off!!

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