Saturday, 14 September 2013

A cheeky spot of shopping..

Today I booked the day off work so I could catch up on sleep and relax for the whole weekend. I remembered I still had some of my birthday vouchers left which I hadn't touched, and needed to exchange some stuff, so some retail therapy was needed! Unfortunetly all the train travel in the last few weeks had drained my bank account, so I only popped along to the shops where I knew I had money to spend. Here's what I picked up..


Jumper - £34

Now, I went on a bit of a spree in Topshop. Buying any clothing from there is a HUGE treat for me, as for the last few months I haven't spent over about £15 on an item (being a primark lover and all that) so when I go into Topshop the prices are always a bit of a shock, and put me off. My boyfriend bought me a £50 gift card thought for my birthday, so I was excited that I could spend it on some bits guilt free! I saw this fluffy jumper and I just fell in love with it. It's alot more pink in real life, and is a gorgeous pastel peachy colour. Not to mention it's so fluffy and soft.. what's there not to love?! I was a bit disappointed it's cropped, but with some high waisted bits It'll look great and still be warm. I can imagine i'll be stroking myself in lectures this semester wearing this...

Tunic dress - £29

I don't know why but this just caught my eye.. I really like the simple style and print that will last a good few seasons, making the price tag worth it! Although it's petite, it's still a really good length on me, and the shape means I could dress it up, down, and get alot of wear out of it hopefully! I can imagine it with tights and a chunky jacket for winter, then bare legs and sandals in the summer.

Ring - £2.50

Bargain ring! It looks a lot nicer in real life than on this photo, but it's a pretty pastel iridescent stone. Will be great with all the pastels coming in this season!

Necklace - £5

I wanted a simple long chain necklace as all my other ones have broken, and being in a very girly mood after picking my pink fluffy jumper, I decided on this tiny heart locket one. It's really simple and will go with everything, and be a nice change from all the statement necklaces I've been wearing recently!

(All prices before my student discount, I didn't spend THAT much, sorry mum!!) I managed to spend ALL my vouchers.. oopsy! But hopefully these key bits will all be good additions to my wardrobe this winter! :)


I had a couple of bits to exchange, which I did for these two lovely things:

Skirt - £10
Jumper - £8

I think I'm starting to  have a thing for jumpers.. I love winter pieces so much easier to style, so I'm excited for all this knitwear to come in now the colder weather is here. I'd had my eye on this white long sleeved one for a while. It fits perfectly and is just about long enough to team with some leggings, white is a good colour too for any accessories. I also really loved this skirt, it's not my usual style but it kind of reminded me of an autumn version of aztec/a boho style piece I can wear. I think it'll look great with tights and a plain tee. I was doing VERY well in primark, and put many many items down before I overspent. Then it was my mistake to take a quick look at the coats and found this beauty...

Coat - £25
(a cheeky store shot I sent to my mother for approval!)

I just instantly loved this coat/jacket? I'm not really sure what it is to be honest. It's thick material, but isn't lined, which means it perfect for this inbetween weather before it gets really cold. I love the oversized boyfriend jacket look, and this grey fabric is bang on trend of a/w. I don't think I could have designed a more perfect coat for me! I know £25 is really cheap for any sort of outerwear, but right now it was a bit of cheeky buy, but I fell in love and just could not leave it in the shop. It was also the last in my size so that's kind of fate, right?! Thank goodness student loans are on their way in soon!!

I shouldn't have bought this but it was an impulse buy at a till. I also loved the peachy colour! Ooopsssyy.

Right, no more shopping till loans are in!!

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