Saturday, 14 September 2013

My final week at LOOK magazine

Hi all! Hope everyone is well, I have abandoned my blog for a while as I have been craaazy busy. I've been doing work experience full time for 4 weeks now (it's crazy tiring!) and my weekends have been crammed packed with all the things I don't have time for in the week, such as shopping, bumming out in front of the telly and seeing my boyfriend! It's been a huge change from the usual student summer life. I've found though it's got me thinking more realistically about my future job and what I'd like to do when I leave uni which is good, and discovering more about what the industry is really like. I'd encourage anyone studying fashion to get as much experience as you can before you graduate as I think it'll help in future!
I've now finished at LOOK magazine, and started at the one and only TED BAKER! More on that later... but I thought I'd do a catch up post about my last week at LOOK.

On Monday morning I had some lovely new girls in the office, and was set the role as 'head intern'(!) by them, as I taught them all the jobs I'd been doing and what was what. They all picked it up real quick, and the fashion cupboards looked really great as we cleared them out during the week. It was lovely to meet a new set of girls all the same age as me with a similar interest in fashion. I never really thought about the fact I'd be meeting so many new people during work experience, but it has been so fab, I have met so many lovely girls who I hope to keep in contact with!

During the week I met up with my friend Beth, who (very luckily!) got a full time job in London as a graphic designer literally weeks after graduating! I say lucky as in she got a job in an area which she loves so fast after leaving uni, I'm sure that's unhaerd of for many! We chose an ASK at London Bridge as she had found a voucher.. even earning a full time wage she's still in student mode of finding vouchers and money off places, London is expensive! I don't think I'd ever actually been there before this week, and turned into a tourist at the sight of the Thames and the amazing view of the London sky line and the bridge.

What a view rightt?! It looks so amazing at night all lit up! We had a great dinner with an amazing veiw, I love that I got to see a different part of London just for the evening!

It definitely tested my boss skills teaching the other girls what to do, and it was a good week working with all of them! I had my usual duties such as writing credits for outfits, sending back returns, sending emails and making phone calls, one of the days I full tidied one of the fashion cupboards for a good hour or so, which was great, you know when sorting and cleaning just makes you feel good?! All in all it was a busy week filled with jobs, on my last day I was given the stressful task of making store appointments for one of the stylists down Oxford street. Easy right? Well, no not really, as I had to made sure she went from one end of the road to the other, which meant making many many many phone calls (and even more to cancel/re arrange appointments) to the stores, and arranging suitable times! It was a bit of a nightmare but it all managed to come together by the time I had to go home!

All my notes and maps on everything.. I tell you what, I was surprised with how much responsibility they gave me to make sure all the stylists appointments were booked for the following Monday! 

 My last day came around crazy fast and I was proud to let the other girls take over for the next few weeks! Although I did treat myself to fish and chips for lunch from the canteen.. to save money I'd been bringing in my own food for all 3 weeks, which did get boring after a while. The canteen did not disappoint!

Yumm :) I felt quite sad leaving as I had really enjoyed my time there and got to know everyone, but I said i'd love to return at some point if they needed anyone!

She even gave me a few beauty bits as a thank you, which I was really touched by! I was mega excited to find some revlon bits in there! Very excited indeed! :) This week on Tuesday I rushed to a local shop as I knew the shoot I assisted on was going to be printed, and I was dead chuffed to find my name printed alongside the images that were printed! It was very strange that I was looking at a photo shoot where I had met the model, dressed her in the clothing, and been there the whole time when they were taking the photos! It looked really great printed up, and they had picked the best images! If you buy this week's LOOK (it's a huge fashion issue for just £1.80, what a bargain!) check out the shoot 'Check Republic', my name is on the last page in the fold! On the first page where you can see a laundry bag in the corner, I even had to run out and buy that. I felt very proud haha.

This will be so great for my portfolio, and I'm really thankful that they mentioned me! I would recommend work experience at LOOK to anyone. It was simple to get, I've met lots of great people that work there, including stylists, fashion writers, and of course not to mention all the other lovely interns! It can be boring and tiring at times, I found that I had to just 'get on' with alot of jobs, at first I was so nervous about making any phone calls, but by the end I was making about 20 a day to different brands and important companies, you just get used to it! I was surprised how stressed I got some days, where I felt like certain jobs were my responsibility, but it has been a great experience that has given me a taste of what working at a fashion magazine is all about! It was not as glamourous and all high heels and freebies, but it's taught me so much about what working at LOOK would be like. I would certainly go back if they'd have me!

Now... off to see what Ted Baker has in store for me! :)

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