Friday, 24 August 2012

Pretty Interiors

Studying fashion, I love to daydream about one day living in the big city, with my own home that I can decorate to my heart's desire! I would have loved to become an interior designer if I hadn't gone into fashion, as I think that it involves similar styling and creative skills as used in the fashion industry. My boyfriend of 3 years, James, and I, sometimes spend a few nights together in a row, and I'd love to live with him one day. I think I'd take over with the interior designing and styling with just a few girly touches.

Having recently moved into a flat and having my own double bedroom, I have loved buying decorative bits and pretty things to make my room my own. It’s covered in floral bunting, pretty bed sheets, cushions, fairy lights and photo frames. I’m always so tempted to buy more too, especially working in Next, they have the most beautiful home accessories, but unfortunately they are not for my student budget (even with staff discount!) I get just as tempted with home accessories now when shopping then clothing... Something I have created is a pretty floral arrangement that stands by my bookcase, for a bargain price of £3.50! Fake flowers in department stores can be anything up to £10, let alone buying a stylish vase too! I found a lovely metallic bronze vase in a charity shop for just 99p and had to have it. I discovered a place that sold fake flowers in Southampton too, and I got 2 stalks of pretty fake orchids for £2.50. Stylish home decor doesn’t always have to be pricey!

I have to admit, I constantly collect images of rooms and decors that I love, to hopefully refer to one day for my own decorating. Here are some of my favourite images I have stored of different styles I adore.

I think my style is quite simplistic and neutral, with colour and texture added from the accessories, wall art and carpets. I love fairy lights, they’re so nice for mood lighting in the evening when you want to unwind, and large mirrors bounce light around. I especially love these his and hers ‘good morning beautiful/handsome’ mugs, they would be great for tea for two in the morning!
I highly doubt anywhere I live will look as beautiful as these images, but it’s nice to dream and gain inspiration from other images!
Does anyone else daydream about their perfect interior style?!

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  1. hey im Kaitlin, I just came across your blog....its great!