Sunday, 19 August 2012


Hi there! 
My name is Ellen and this is my blog! :)
Being a fashion student, I have been thinking about starting a fashion related blog for a while now, and with a bit of perseverance I have finally worked out how to use blogger! So, this is my first post! I'll start with a bit of an intro...

This is a rather fetching photo of myself, who doesn't love a pout? As I said my name is Ellen, and I'm at Southampton Solent university, going into my 2nd year in September, and I study fashion promotion and communication. I have recently turned the big 2-0 (eek!), I live in a flat in Southampton with 2 friends, but my home town is in the south west. I'm a country girl at heart! Although I do love the city...
So, about me! I love pretty much anything to do with fashion! Photography, magazines, shopping, styling, make up, shoes... I could go on and on. I'm a proper girly girl. I also enjoy all the norm things such as cinema trips, baking and cooking, adventures to places, going out drinking, all the student things! I have a part time job at Next which is fun, especially with the 25% staff discount and uniform allowance!
I brainstormed for AGES about a name for my blog.. and finally came up with 'floral fashion diaries' :) Of course, obviously not every single post will be about floral fashion, but it pretty much sums up the girly nature of things I want to post about! I'll also be posting about my life, adventures and lots of other fun things as well as style and clothing with plenty of photos no doubt.
 Hope you enjoy! :)

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