Monday, 20 August 2012

Summertime Sadness


These last few days I've been thinking about what a summer I've had! It's had to have been one of the most fun, exciting, yet stressful ever! So much has happened in these last few months, some pretty major stuff too. Having finished at the end of april, I've had a good 4 months of freedom, I have a feeling of dread knowing I've only got a month left to cram as much in before it's back to early morning lectures and plenty of work!
Here are a few of the hundreds of photos i've taken over the last few months, and some of my top highlights:

Nights out! (with no university the next day!) The drinks at our SU are ridiculously cheap, and the cider gets us hammered in no time..

A university fashion show that we were invited too, and got to watch models displaying vintage and then modern styles from local retailers. We also got a free canapes, wine, and a brilliant goodie bag loaded with beauty bits.

Leaving our beloved halls and moving into our own flat! This has to be the biggest change that's happened this summer. We've struggled so much with problems we've had with the property, and the stress of sorting them out, and the bills, but slowly but surely it's becoming home.

Having a part time job.. hasn't really been a highlight but it's been good to get back into the world of employment and to earn some dosh for shopping over the summer. 

Warm weather! The small amounts of sun we have had I've tried to make the most of... Had a couple of beach trips to the south coast which were lovely!

My sister's graduation in Bristol. I'm incredibly proud of her as she has had some hard struggles through her time at UWE, but she successfully finished her course with a brilliant result and is now off into the world of work.

My 20th birthday, when I had a hawiian themed beach party! It was most defiantly the best night out I've had in a while, where we all dressed up and drunk too much alcohol from seaside buckets.
My holiday to southern Italy - My auntie and uncle have recently retired and moved out there, and a week in 35 degree sunshine near a rustic Italian town was fantastic. I just want to visit them again asap to get my tan back!

The Olympics! My friend Leigh and I waited about half an hour in the rain to see the torch, but it was great to see such a good turn out for a man (not quite sure who he was...) running through Southampton high street with it. Very exciting.

Spending time with my boyfriend - It's quite difficult during term time to see each other as we're both quite busy with jobs and university, and it's been so great to be able to come home and spend more time together and do fun things. :) Also seeing friends I don't usually see and catching up has been great!

I still have plenty to look forward to in September, such as seeing Lady Gaga, booking another holiday with my boyfriend (If I can actually get the money together) and of course crashing all the freshers' events as 2nd years! I am looking forward to getting back to university but I'll miss having all the free time, until Christmas that is! What exciting things has everyone else been up to this summer?! 

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