Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Blizzard Review

Following my previous post about receiving my amazing box set of glitter nail varnishes from Models Own, I thought I'd post a review on one of them. 'Blizzard' was immediately my favorite of the set, with the bottle screaming disco ball! The colour of the glitter is a beautiful silver, with multicolored holograms. I couldn't wait to get it on my fingers.


The application was very good, and surprisingly a lot of glitter came out on the brush. I used more of a dabbing and spreading motion to have an even distribution of glitter over the nail, which worked really well. Although dabbing it on thickly, it didn't take too long to dry, and I applied a second coat. I did it over a clear base coat so I could see the full extent of the glitter, and I was not disappointed! With 2 coats the polish gives full on sparkle, and I was wow-ed at the finished effect. I put on a couple of thin layers of clear top coat (also Models Own, which dried quite fast again luckily, as by this point I had quite a few layers on), and this makes the surface of the polish a bit smoother, so it's less likely to catch and chip, which is what I find with a lot of textured nail varnishes.

I took 3 photos of my nails to show you, the first one so you can see actually how much glitter I got out of just 2 coats, and the second, and third is a close up, I took with my lights reflecting on it, just so you can see how sparkly and beautiful it looks! I am in absolute love with it, I can't help but feel happy when I look at my sparkly nails, and it gives a really unique, professional almost look. 

Would definitely recommend this polish to anyone who wants something a bit different and stand out! :)

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