Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hello October

Hi there! I admit I have been a terrible blogger over the last few weeks, and I have been desperate to do a couple of posts but just have not had the time! The last long post I wrote blogger kindly deleted it all and I gave up in frustration! I have been so busy since I've started back at uni, I've only been back 2 weeks but I could already use a break from our amount of work, and wish I was just back on holiday somewhere sunny! I sort of like the fact it’s gotten quite cold and wintery here in Southampton, all the leaves are over the parks and it looks quite pretty, and I have missed wrapping up in scarves and warm socks, although I hate having to walk to uni in the freezing cold for 9am seminars. All the carnivals are happening at home where I live in Somerset, and I’m sad I’ve missed some, I love a carnival and fun fairs in this time of year! I can't believe it's Ocotober already, where has the year gone!? Here are some updates on fun things I've been doing. :)

 Work work and more work! Starting my 2nd year came as a bit of a shock after 5 months off for summer doing absolutely nothing. When I'm not at uni or doing anything else (I'm finding I have to find time literally whenever I can!) I get all the sketchbook work out or head to the library and focus myself. My bed has been covered in scissors, glue and paper pretty so many times, I make such a mess and it takes me ages to tidy up. I am sort of enjoying the workload though, it keeps me busy and there’s always something to do. I quite like our projects too. We have 2 sketchbooks to do, one finishing in a magazine style feature and a written piece, and one in a presentation and photo shop and cut and stick boards. I also have a fashion management and marketing unit which has set me into panic really, as I’ve never really done business or understood most of it before, but I have to write a report on Topshop, and it’s easier than it looks really, there’s just a lot of long words and graphs. It’s also really interesting looking into customer behaviour and a bit of physcology on the side, who knew fashion was so complicated! We’re also learning more on Photoshop, and our tutor is so much better than last year, and I’m now able to retouch a photo as if I worked for Vogue or something!

Nights out.. or lack of them. We haven’t gone out half as much as we used to, because we don’t really have the time! We hit fresher’s week and went to the ‘Big Night Out’, where unfortunately I caught fresher’s flu after a horrific 2 day hangover, and felt so run down I had to miss my second day back at uni because I couldn’t get out of bed. This was two weeks ago and I’m only just feeling better, It’s been horrible with everyone getting ill but it always happens, those pesky freshers bringing all their germs into Southampton! It was a great night though, and we have had a couple since then. Last weekend my friend from home Lorren came down and we went out which was great fun as I hadn’t seen her in a while. We also have a ‘Pimps and Hoes’ carnage later on this week so let’s see how that goes! I’ve definitely found the source of my hangovers that just seem to get worse throughout the year.. I drank hardly any vodka on Friday night, and I felt almost fine the next day. No more vodka for me, I think I’ll stick to schnapps and cider from now on! 

I’ve been trying (I really have) to be careful with my money this year. We’re saving a lot living in private accommodation rather than halls, but I’m seeing this as it means I can buy more clothes, which I really shouldn’t be doing! The next post to follow will contain a couple of my main purchases I’ve recently made. Money well spent for winter mind you..
We’re really being pushed this year to get ourselves out there as fashion professionals and keep up to date blogs and other social networks, as it’s a good way of getting yourself known and recognized, so I’m going to try so hard to keep my blog up to date as often as I can.
Hope you enjoy! :)

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