Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas in Southampton

So.. it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Southampton! A normal walk into town these days usually involves spending quite a bit of money, or walking through on the way to work. One things for sure, my day is instantly brightened up once you see these German Christmas market stalls through town. They're mainly food stalls with hot chestnuts, hot dogs, Indian cuisine, crepes, waffles, doughnuts, a hog roast, pretty much every type of food you can think of, with small gift and handmade goods stalls. In the center there is a German bar, which I'm yet to visit for some mulled wine on a cold evening! As my home home is really the country, I love living in such a busy city center, where Christmas is BIG news!

Does where you live make a big deal about Christmas?


  1. I often come down on the train to Southampton from where I live to do a bit of shopping usually! But I love this little christmas market, its so cute! There's a really sweet one in Winchester too which os similar but not German and has mainly like crafty bits and cute home decor things, you should check it out one day if you get the chance - there's an ice rink too! :)

    ellie x

  2. Aww this post is making me miss home! Love the photos & all the Christmas stuff looks so pretty! My hometown is about 10 minutes from Southampton so I always shop there. Although, I'm not missing home too much as I now live in London which is basically the Christmas capital! :) x

  3. I live in London and they have a similar one near where I live - the hot dogs are so yummy! but everything is pretty expensive too!! great pictures, few follower here :) xox

  4. Hey just came across your blog!
    Love this post, has got me in a really festive mood haha... but where I live they do make a big deal with massive christmas trees in the middle of the town centre. They're not as nice as the ones in your pics or somewhere like london but they're christmassy enough for me :)

    I'm new to blogging - a beginner basically! Was wondering if you'd like to check my blog out? and If you enjoy maybe we can follow each other? :) I'd appreciate it!

    Lucy xx

  5. Hi everyone! Yeah I really love Southampton, but it's so dangerous living so close to all the shops! I've STILL been so busy with work to pop down to the German bar yet! It's bad for my student loan too haha! Yeah the food is pretty expensive but I had some crepes from there last year and they were to die for! Thank you all for your comments, I love reading them! Lucy, your blog link doesn't seem to work?! x xx