Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween and Blog Tags!

Hi there! Hope everyone had a spooky Halloween! I LOVE this time of year, and now can't wait for bonfire night and Christmas! Can't believe how fast the year has gone! Me and my friends had our main night out on Saturday (the night my phone was nicked!) but last night I also went to my friend's house for some drinks for his 21st. Me and my friend Becky went all out on Saturday, and actually looked quite terrifying! My costume was very last minute DIY, and was originally a man's xxl plain white t shirt I got in a multipack in ASDA, and to make it interesting I found a tutorial online on how to cut skeleton ribs into it, which was so easy and looked amazing! I slit and ripped the shirt, then dyed it in some coffee and splashed some fake blood and voila! What student needs to buy costumes for £20?! I backcombed my hair to death (excuse the pun!), and even had a fake foot attached to me which I picked up from the 99p shop. Apart the fact my night was ruined by being robbed, I had a great night!