Saturday, 24 November 2012

Catch Up

Hello hello hello! Once again I apologize for my lack of posts. I didn't realize how busy I'd actually be in my 2nd year of uni. It seems like I'm constantly on the go with uni, my projects and my social life! Guess I shouldn't complain really :) I'm really going to try harder to keep my blog more up to date, and thank you to all 9 of you who are following me! :)
Once again here are a few photos from my life recently:

A hilarious photo of my friend Caroline on a night we were drinking - she looks like a goblin.. and she's going to love me for putting this on my blog haha!

 Some fashion designs in my sketchbook for one of my projects

Autumn leaves in a park in Southampton

Me on the train home back to Somerset last weekend

Pretty sunset on the train home

A bottle of wine shared with my friend Lorren at a local pub at home.. we ended up having one each as it was so nice! Not a nice price at £11 a bottle mind!

This happened tonight to my hair! Review to follow! :)
 Me getting ready to go out on thursday - wearing my new Topshop black midi dress, studded belt and neon necklace from H&M 

 Constant gray skies and rain in Southampton.. It's getting difficult to get up early!

This wad of paper has been the stress of my life these last few weeks! It's been the most academic thing I've done since starting uni, and did find it difficult at times, but I'm so proud of myself that I've written a 40 page business report, with proper marketing analysis and referencing. All printed and ready to hand in Monday!

We've had a really busy 2 weeks, with our management and marketing deadline looming, but my flat mates and I have also secured our student house next year - which is so exciting! We're currently living in a 3 story flat with a hole in the ceiling that is dripping as I write this.. and our current agency is absolutely useless with sorting out our problems and we had an absolute nightmare of a month when we moved in (probably the worst of our lives!)... It's a long story. But basically were refused to stay with them another year, and pay them even more money, so we looked around some other local student property agency's. We viewed several houses, some REALLY good (and extremely expensive!) and some very bad, but when we saw this one we had a good feeling about it. No damp, no mould (which if your a uni student you know how most student houses are covered in) and everything we wanted, including a garden, and really lovely bedrooms, and a new bathroom. We secured our little house with the deposit, and we're all set to move in next year! 




Looks good, right? We're so happy to have found somewhere so nice and well looked after! It'll be a hell of a lot better then where we're currently living. It's so stressful having to think about things so far in advance, and having to be really grown up and sensible! It's unbelievable we'll be in our 3rd and last years next year.. I don't want to grow up!!



  1. I love it, can you take a look at my blog and maybe follow me? i follow back everyone.
    and here's my page on facebook (about fashion and more):
    Would mean a lot if you like it!!

  2. i know what you mean about the second year of uni, it really does take over, its crazy how much work i get, i bet you're the same?!
    i love that midi dress, it looks lovely.
    also, how did the ombre kit go? i'm thinking of doing it too!
    anywayyyy, since your nine followers two days ago, you've nearly got double, well four off which isn't many so yay!
    i'm number fourteen so i thought i'd pop in and say hello.
    i love your blog and am looking forward to your next post.
    please pop over for a proper chat, it'd be lovely to hear from you.
    hope to speak soon,
    laura xx

  3. hi laura :) thank you! I've been trying to do my post about my dip dye for a while but e blogger keeps locking up my browser and I get fed up and just quit it! will be up soon though! :) It did go well, the ends of my hair are much lighter. Yess I know, i'm so happy! I'm still kinda new with blogging and I don't get much time really, but I love to follow others and get inspiration from them! thank you for your lovely comment! :Dxx