Thursday, 7 February 2013

Blue nails and stripes OOTD 07/02/2013

Hey everyone, how are you guys? I'm so excited as I've just received an email back from Look magazine regarding a 4 week summer internship assisting their fashion team! They wanted to confirm some dates and of course I said yes straight away, and now I can't wait to hear back from them with some more info. I'm not 100% if this means I'm in the running for it but it's the most positive response I've heard back from! Finger's crossed! Look at me, little fashionista girl from Somerset might be making it in the big city! I'm so nervous now!! :)

Today was meant to be spent in the library, but I slept in late and thought that I might as well spend the day doing something a bit more relaxing, like retail therapy.. work can always be put off somehow! This is what I wore today :)

Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Black long strap top under - H&M
Scarf (old), necklace & Tights - Primark
Nails - Miss Sporty 'Pop Fiction' Clubbing colours

I hadn't worn this shirt casually yet, but I think I styled it up in a day time look well enough with a casual scarf and my coat. I've seen these shirts in so many shops now, I'm glad I blagged mine in the UO sale for only £10! 

A little primark rant:
I really wanted some metal collar tips, which I saw in primark for really cheap, although they have a screw in the back.. like you need to use a screwdriver and SCREW them onto your top..?! Er.. no thank you. That's far too much effort when you want to move them onto different tops, and surley this would damage the fabric? I don't quite understand their reasoning for them! I also took back my wet look leggings. I've been living in them for the last few weeks, but after I took them off the day, to my horror, the seam down the bum the fabric had started to tear and rip from the seam! I know they were only £6  and you shouldn't expect them to last forever, but I took them back and made a right moan, and they exchanged them for stuff I wanted to buy.. so that worked out well. However I'm left wet look legging-less, and I think I might cry without my black shiny legs until I can snap up a decent pair somewhere else! 

But anyway! I absolutely adore this nail varnish, it's a miss sporty cheap one, but the colour is an amazing vivid blue, and it actually stays on quite well. I've included my hair as my babyliss curlers are amazinggg! They give such great curls to my thick hair, and they last all day. 

I also bought a few bits which I shouldn't have! And this post will be followed up with some new bits, and also my valentine's day date outfit plan! :)


  1. love this clash of stripes and print! gorgeous nails too xx

  2. love this outfit also amazing hair and nails!
    gorge blog. now following & looking forward to more posts!

  3. Omg I am so jealous. Good luck!!!! I want to be in the big citys too... especially London. I also love your hair!!!! deffo following this blog!! xx