Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Re:So Clothing Fair

Last weekend there was an event, at our local university store, in a small shopping centre in Southampton town center. Re:So is a store that was set up and is owned by our university, and is a wonderful urban outfitters vintage style space that sells handmade/customized things that students have created. I don't have any photos of the store, but I grabbed some from their facebook! 

These handmade frames were made by my friend becky! Aren't they lovely?!

On sunday they ran an event which was a clothing fair, where people could bring along their old clothes, shoes and accessories to sell. When I first heard about the event on facebook I thought 'what a great idea'! There isn't a girl who doesn't need to get rid of a few old wardrobe items, and you never know, one girl's trash is another's treasure.  Having had an eBay frenzy recently, I had been left with a pile of stuff that had been unsold a few times, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to try and sell some stuff off cheap and get rid of it! I requested a table and on Sunday I went with my friend Beth to set up and try and flog my things. 

I told myself I wasn't allowed to buy a thing, as I wanted to save what I made! Unfortunately it wasn't too busy, as I don't think the event was advertised very well! However, I did make a fiver in a couple of hours, so that's better then nothing! I'm thinking I need to donate the left over clothing to charity, or give to my mum to sell at the next car boot sale she goes to!

I thought this was such a good idea, and perhaps something they should advertise to do weekly! Although I didn't buy anything, there were definitely a few bargains to be had..


  1. this looks really lovely, it's a shame they didn't advertise properly! your friends frames are so pretty too! x

  2. Aw thanks for the mention! Hehe xx

  3. i sold my hand made jewellery at re:so- i think it is such a good idea!

  4. Hi Ellen, I went to this event too and am writing a feature on it for my project at uni, I wasn't able to get good quality photos and was wondering if I could use your photos for it? I can credit you just need your permission via email :) if that's ok then just send me an email at, thanks in advance!