Saturday, 23 February 2013

London Fashion Weekend - Part 1!

Hi everyone! How are you?! I'm still alive, yep - I just haven't blogged in over a week. I'm so ashamed! I've been hideously busy this week, as well as still recovering from my cold! It's been hectic with uni, work, spending time with my boyfriend, many shopping trips, and far too much money being spent, oops.. I haven't been doing that exciting to blog about, and knew I'd wait till after yesterday to blog! ...and boy do I have stuff to blog about! I'm currently snuggled into the sofa watching new ant and dec's saturday night takeaway (I just love those two don't you!?)

It had been booked for a few weeks, but I couldn't believe the date had come so soon to go to London Fashion Weekend at Somerset house! I went yesterday with my friends Caroline and Becky, and with a 5.30 wake up for a 7am coach it was safe to say we were all knackered before we'd even started the day! It's days like this I really wish I had an SLR, Becky was snapping away whilst I had 'error - memory full' on my iphone flashing up every 5 minutes, annoying! I did manage to get some good piccies though to share with you all. A trip to London for us is a big thing as we don't get to go there often so we definitely made the most of the 12 hours we were there! 

  • First we headed for a maccy d's breakfast at victoria station. Me and Caroline lost our mcdonald's breakfast virginity's.. and it was good :)
  • We first headed to covent garden to get some primary research on the store Ted Baker for one of our projects at uni. We managed to snap some photos in the store before we got stopped. We hastily grabbed some catalogues and legged it!
  • We took some outfit snaps on Becky's SLR which I can hopefully upload soon! 
  • It was absolutely freezing and we basically froze our bits off all day, we didn't wrap up warm enough at all! Fashion over warmth as always being fashions students.. it even started to snow slightly!
  • Finding a free toilet, or any toilet at all in London seemed to be a struggle. This left us panicking and needing a wee several times over the day!
  • We hopped back on the tube and hit Somerset house where the main event was. We were bombarded by free diet coke, muller yoghurts, and even got a photo in a fake lift with a diet coke hunk, it was all very exciting!
  • Signed up for an elle subscription! eeeee! More on that in my next post!
  • Saw a trend catwalk which was really fun. Although it wasn't a proper major designer one, I kind of felt like a celeb being at a real one, it was exciting times!
  • I actually got separated from my two girls on the tube! I hopped on thinking they were right behind me, when to my horror the door closed! I had no signal and I felt like crying  as I was convinced I was lost on my own in the middle of London, until we just met at the next stop - It was quite funny after!!
  • After we'd been we hit oxford street and well... the spending just kept going. We literally shopped till we dropped.
  • We had a major panic not being able to find the coach station again and nearly missed our coach home! Luckily after running about for 20 minutes we found it.. phew.
  • We got back around 10pm and I fell straight into bed. I had work from 9am - 3.30 and was shattered! After a couple hours sleep I'm feeling good, ready to relax, blog, and chill out tonight! 
Anyway! Photossss!! Here are my snaps of the day, and general amazing shop fronts/products I came across. Hope you enjoy. :)

Mulberry window... DROOL!!

How amazing are these bags in aldo!

Cactus candles in UO, so adorable! I wanted them so much!

Hope you all enjoyed that! Stay tuned for part 2 where I'll be showing outfits, purchases, and other exciting bits I got! Did anyone else hit London Fashion Weekend yesterday?

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  1. ahhh I'm so envious! this looks crazy fun :0 I'm loving all the colourful bags :)