Sunday, 3 March 2013

Neon Pop Obsession

As you may (or may not?) be aware, this spring/summer's monochrome trend is being brightened up with neon pops, and they seem to be everywhere on the high street all of a sudden. My wardrobe being full of black from winter, I am gladly welcoming this trend, and am expecting to pick up many white pieces before summer hits. The main colour I've seen is that funny off green/yellow, that is so ugly you kind of have to love it without it's neon brightness, but also neon pink, orange and green. I love how the tiniest amount of a neon can transform an outfit from dull, to bang on trend.

From neon beanie hats to handbags, tops to bottoms, it seems that everyone is loving a neon pop.. including me! I am absolutely loving this trend, and am waiting for the right moment to bring out my yellow/green neon chiffon tee from forever 21, every time I get it out of my wardrobe I forget how bright it is, and I'm waiting for the event (and courage) to rock it with a basic outfit. I'm worried I may get mistaken for wearing a high vis jacket on the streets of Southampton..

I'm also on the look out for a neon bag, one that's not too expensive (I'm sure this trend will be over as quickly as it begun, so I don't want to be spending too much on something I'll never use again!) or in your face, and will add that bit of edge to my neutral wardrobe. If I had all the money in the world, I'd be snapping up a 'The Cambridge Satchel Company' neon satchel in the blink of an eye, but I'm just gonna keep hunting in Primarni for now. I also am really craving to get a neon yellow nail varnish! Neon nails are just amazing..(check out the bottom pic - I NEED this essie polish in my life!)

 I'm a big fan of Pintrest recently, and love just looking at so many random fashion images which can give you so many ideas. Searching 'neon pop' an amazing array of street fashion and catwalk images came up, showing you the perfect way to rock this trend, and just a few great images of neon things. Here are a few of my favorites! Enjoy :)

neon pop

Neon Pop

camel with a neon pop

Neon Pop

dramatic neon pop

Leopard print accessories and neon pops on Blair Eadie in New York. Prints In Streetstyle.

neon pop and polka dots

I love the neon pop

Yellow Neon pop

#neon #nails

It's most definitely all in the details! Do you this this is a trend worth investing in, or do you think the neon pop fad will be gone before full on monochrome hits?!

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