Sunday, 24 March 2013

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Body Butter Review

Hi everyone. Just a quick post about an amazing deal and product I got at boots the other day! :)

I bought my friend a soap and glory product she needed for her birthday, being pretty pricey for a decent tube/bottle of whatever (but being known for smelling/doing amazing things!) I rarley purchase the brand for myself, but they usually make lovely gifts for my girl friends! (I hope she's not reading this..!)

 Boots are currently doing an offer where if you spend over £10 on Soap & Glory products you get a free body butter worth £10.50 alone! I couldn't resist and purchased a mini product to make up the £10, and got the free gift and well, I love a bargain, and this body butter is fabulous!!

This body butter has S&G written all over it, with cute pin up packaging, in a really nice deep pink pot. It's pretty huge! What I noticed about this product is the amount of essences and oils added to this, I have no idea what half of them are but it smells amazing! I've used the hand cream 'hand food'  before, which is amazing by the way, and smells more like sweet marshmallows. This however, has a gorgeous fruity orangey type scent to it, and smells soooo good when rubbing it in. The texture is very thick, more so than my normal moisturizer (I'm a palmer's cocoa butter kinda girl), and I was worried it might make my skin greasy, but it soaks into the skin really well, leaving it soft and supple, not greasy at all! With the huge pot, I can imagine if I saved it for certain days it's going to last me a good few months. I wouldn't personally spend £10.50 on moisturizer, but that's just me being a student, and during the winter I've had to pile it onto my skin to stop is drying out, using something like this would cost me a fortune! But as a free gift and a little bit of luxury after some of my baths, this was definitely worth the other purchases! I also have a little body scrub too that I got to make up the price, which I can't wait to use. It's white with little pink beads in, looks so nice!

So if you're a soap and glory fan - get yourself down to Boots asap to grab this great offer! I couldn't believe  I got something worth £10 for free. I can guarantee you won't regret it!


  1. I love Soap & Glory products now! Can't wait to try more of their stuff(:


  2. Hey there!

    I mentioned you in a recent post on my blog just so you know :)

    Keep the awesome posts coming!!

    xxx Brooke

  3. I'm gonna have to check it out once this snow goes away! Lovely post and now following (100th follower! Congrats!) x

  4. I love S&G, I've not tried this, but have just finished my stash of The Righteous Butter, so will give this a try!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Classic trench Giveaway on my blog xoxo