Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hurry up now summer!

Hi all! Hope you all had a lovely relaxing easter bank holiday weekend! I haven't really been up to much, just  still slowly but surly getting through a list of uni work and spending time with my boyfriend. It's my last week off so I'm enjoying being at home still with my mum, but I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things next week and catching up with everyone when I'm back to uni!

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to all my followers, I've now hit 100! When I first started my blog I didn't think I'd ever get so many readers, it really is a massive compliment so thank you, and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog! :)

I've been running out of money recently, since Christmas I've been trying to save my earnings and extra grants from uni to put towards rent/a holiday/something nice in the coming year! I've done pretty well and saved up a few hundred, but my loan well and truly ran out a few weeks ago, oops! Obviously hadn't stuck to my weekly budget.. this means I've been sparse with my money over easter, I want to keep my savings, and have only bought one clothing item in about 3 weeks (for me that is hardly anything!). Saying that, it's a summer dress which I probably won't get to wear properly for another few months! What was I thinking..?!

With the sunny mornings and lighter evenings, it's easy to believe summer is on it's way, although it's still FREEZING outside, this still calls for wooly scarves and coats. The shops are now filled with sandals, bikinis and summer dresses, most of which I want to stock up on early, but I have to restrain myself knowing it's still below 5 degrees most days in the UK right now, and my holidays are at least 4 months away! booo!

On a bored good friday I had a wonder into town to see what they had to offer. I came across this dress in primark and fell in love with it. 

Apologies for the dodgy phone photos! The dress is back in my flat in Southampton and I'm doing this post from home, and only have a couple of quick snaps of it! I came across this similar denim one on look magazine's website, and fell in love with the denim and polkdadot combo. This 50's style one with a cut out waist I could just imagine wearing to the beach in the summer, on holiday, or just chilling in the sun or a beer garden with sandals and a cute little bag. It's really lightweight so it won't be too hot and heavy if I take it on holiday, and it fits really nice. I wanted to get it now just incase it sold out or I missed out on getting it, It's the perfect summer dress! £15 is quite alot for something in primark, but I really wanted it :)
I think it might be a bit difficult to style with the cold weather still about - my sides might get a bit chilly, but with some tights and leather jacket I might just get away with it.

Here's a compilation of my favorite bits from Primark's spring/summer new collection, they have so many amazing pieces, and I'm sure come summer I will be broke with all of this in my wardrobe!

I am in love with this playsuit, the white tasseled bag, and the simple blue cut out dress, I want it all so desperately! Take a peek at the rest of the collection here! I seriously need all of it. Hurry up summer so I can buy all these lovely things and wear them!!


  1. love that dress, dosen't look like it's from Primark at all! x

  2. Love the jumpsuit, bag, shoes and black and white dress. Super cute items for Summer!!


  3. all these items are amazing! love what primark is stocking at the moment, i could buy everything <3