Thursday, 18 April 2013

Spring shoes

If you've been on Topshop's website in the last 2 months (of course you have!), you will know that jelly sandals are becoming a huge trend for this spring/summer. They're so much fun, I remember wearing them when I was little! And now I can imagine they're great for the beach as they're waterproof and would be really easy to wear in the sand on holiday.
(All from Topshop) I really love all the colours and glitters! So much fun.
So yesterday me and a couple of my friends hit town. I was very good in fact, I could have bought twice as many things as I did, and great restraint was neeeded! After buying some essentials I needed, a browse in the tiny Topshop sale shoes section was majorly worth it. I saw these little turquoise jelly sandals on their own, with a sale sticker of 'Now £3' on them. I was like.. wait, what? £3? that's £2.70 with student discount?! -grab-

They were a size 7, and I'm usually a 6, but I grabbed them anyway, knowing I couldn't let this bargain go! Surprisingly they fit quite well, with hot feet they're perfect and stay on. Also I don't think you would want jelly shoes too tight.. sweaty feet! I don't think I would have gone out and actually bought any jelly shoes myself for £20 or over which is how much alot of them are on the website, but for £3, if I only wore them on holiday it wouldn't break the bank! The main reason I got these was last summer in Italy my auntie got a nasty sting on her foot from going in the sea and treading on some sort of weird fish! She was in such bad pain for hours, and this has majorly scared me into treading into the sea.. these jelly shoes are perfect for going in safe on holiday this year!!

(There are some strange pen/ink marks on them, but for £2.70 with student discount I didn't have the cheek to ask for more off!)

I really love the colour, and they're just really cute, and I am so happy they were such a bargain!

It was a bad idea to go on the Topshop website this morning to have a browse, as I saw their sale had stated! Is anyone like me when they see the sales on and scroll through the items as quickly as possible to spot the gems?! Go look NOW!! They have some amazing bits on there! I haven't got that many nice summer shoes, and I've really been wanting some heeled sandals. Somehow these beauties (still available in my size, wahoo!) got into my bag and I accidently paid for them. oops. It could have been worse, could have spent hundreds..

They're so lovely! ..and from £48 to £20 (total, got £2 off with student discount, then £2 delivery to my local store) were SUCH a bargain! I'm so excited to pick these up! They're real leather too which means hopefully they'll last and be very comfty.

So it looks like I'm sorted for summer shoe wise! Have you picked up any bargains at Topshop recently?!

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  1. I did exactly the same with the Topshop sale online, bought some shoes oops! Everything goes so quickly! x