Friday, 26 April 2013

Payday Treats

So today is finally payday for me, and it couldn't have come soon enough! I cheekily headed off to town today to see what the shops had to offer. I didn't have anything in particular I wanted but I managed to try on nearly the whole of Primark, they have such nice summer pieces in there! With the weather warming up and sunny days ahead, I was majorly keen to add summer and holiday pieces for my wardrobe. I thought I'd share with you what I bought! :)

Cami Tops - £5 each.

These lightweight cute cami tops seem to be popping up everywhere recently, and with the warmer weather approaching they are perfect basics for day or night. They have a really lovely blouse texture, which makes them fall really nicely. I picked up this colbalt blue one as it's really on trend at the moment, and this lovely white one with a black trim. The only weird thing is, I am a  size 8/10 usually.. but these I had to get in a 14 for them to drape nicely over my collarbone/chest area! I have a smaller bust, and I thought this was really weird! But still, they look lovely on, and I can't wait to start accessorizing! I think the white one will be great for my next night out.

Dress - £13

This dress caught my eye, I'm all up for anything monochrome and aztecy! The style of it is quite loose, and the waist hangs around the waist rather then being fitted.. If i'm explaining that very well?! Which I kind of like as it gives it a casual feel, and will be great for my holidays. Tight fitting dresses in 30 degree heat is never good! The t-shirt style will be perfect for daytime with some sandals and gold necklace.

Dress £15

Now, this photo does this dress no justice! It's a gorgeous bright red or 'coral' as it says on the label, and has a really cute laser cut detailing at the top. The shift dress style floats down to just above knee height, and it kind of looks like a really nice long floaty tee for those lazy summer days. Red is really bold for me, but I just really loved it! Maybe I'll upload a better photo of it on at some point, it looks so cute on, trust me..

Bangles £1 Necklace £3

Bangles, a girl can never have enough, especially for £1. I fell in love with this neon necklace, I had a similar one from H&M a while ago but returned it, but am so glad I found this cheaper replacement! I'm going to be honest, it feels really tacky and cheap, and half of them on the shelf were broken already, but I think it looks nice. If it falls apart I'm heading straight demanding an exchange. I never have the best luck with jewellery!

Models own nail varnish - 2 for £7.50 
Vo5 - 2 for £3.99
Natural Collection Blusher - £1.99
All from boots

I knew for pay day I wanted to buy this neon yellow models own polish as I've been wanting it for a while. When I saw them were on offer for 'buy one get one half price' at boots, I couldn't resist and picked up this scented pastel green one too! I am too excited to have these colours now (I'm sad aren't I?!) and they're both painted on my fingers and toes already! Reviews coming soon! And finally just some basics I needed, my vo5 shampoo and peach melba natural collection blusher, my favourite.

Hope you enjoyed that little payday haul - Hope you all have a lovely weekend! :)


  1. love the nail polishes! great colours, gonna have to take a trip to town tomorrow! xx

  2. wow that nail polish is so bright! looks great though! x

  3. Amazing items! Loving the nailpolishes.xx