Friday, 2 August 2013

A Trip to London & OOTD

Hey everyone, hope you have had a good week, hasn't the weather been funny recently?! I'm kind of glad the heat wave is over in England, but it's still been so sticky and warm. I'm hoping it's going to be nice for my 21st birthday on Monday but it looks like that's the only day it's destined to rain! Boo! Even though my birthdays in August I can never remember a day when there was no rain!

On Wednesday me and my boyfriend James headed to London for a day trip. You may have seen that I'm starting an internship with Look Magazine in less than 2 weeks, and wanted to check out the travel links, walking distances, and where the actual building was, just to double check I'd be alright getting there on my first day. It turns out the building was just 15 minutes walk away from Waterloo where I'll be commuting, and was quite easy to find. I knew it's always warm running round London for the day, so I opted for a couple of floaty layers with my treggings and sandals. I'm glad I didn't wear a jacket as it was a really humid day, and some of the underground tubes were boiling!

 (Thank you James for the photos haha!)

Top - Primark
Kimono - Primark
Treggings - Topshop
Sandals - New Look
Bag - Primark
Necklace - Topshop

This outfit contains a few new bits I've picked up recently, the sandals I was umming and ahhing over 2 different colours for a while in new look, at £19.99 I wasn't sure if they were worth it, when suddenly they went into the sale! I snapped a black and tan pair up at just £10 each. They're a really nice strappy sandal that will go with anything. How gorgeous is this kimono and bag too?! I'm loving Primark right now, they have some amazing bags in there.. I'd been looking for the perfect floaty cover up for a while now, and when I saw this one I had to have it. The bag is so smart too, and it cost just £12! It looks so much more expensive, and its the perfect size for all your bits. I can't stop wearing these camis, They seem to be the perfect thing to wear with this warm weather, and go with everything.

We walked from Waterloo to the Blue Fin Building in Southwark which is where Look HQ is located. It's a huge fancy glass building that has loads of really nice cafes, restaurants and shops around, and is home to many other companies. We popped inside to take a look and it went into a huge posh lobby, with a reception desk, security gaurds and vases with feathers in! It was daunting to think in a couple of weeks time I'll be working in there every day! I hope I'm not too tempted to spend money on food..

We had a few hours to kill, and James (being a bit of a science geek!) had never been to the science museum, which I found unbelievable, to I took him there! I'm not really that interested in most science subjects, but some of the exhibitions were really interesting, and the interactive bits were really fun!

There was also a robot which took a photo of you and drew it in some sand, how cool is that!?

We then went to the thames and met James' cousin and her husband, who have kindly offered for me to stay there whilst I do my internship, so the commute will save me alot of time and money. My phone actually died towards the end of the day (on my tube and maps app pretty much all day so we didn't get lost!) but we had a meal at a pizza express right next to the Thames which had a really lovely view. We were knackered by the time we got our coach home at 10pm, but it was a really lovely day and made me feel alot better about starting my work experience.

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