Friday, 9 August 2013

My 21st Week (Part 2)

First of all I just wanted to mention - this is my 100th post! Yay!! Thank you all who read my blog :D

So, as I didn't do anything on the actual day of my birthday, me and James fancied having a day trip somewhere and spend some time together. After visiting thorpe park (for the first time since I was very young) the other month, I was desperate to go back! I had such a great time, I re-kindled my love for roller coasters, and I knew James hadn't been there for a few years either. With a little persuasion he kindly drove us the 2 hours and we spent the day there! We managed to go on a great day, with short queues, we went on so many rides, he even pursuaded me to go on the dead scary ones, which I did actually end up loving! The SAW ride was the worst though, so scary!!

A very wet OOTD after coming off tidal wave!!

Top/Jeans/Bag - Primark
Shoes - New Look

This outfit wasn't the most practical for a trip to the theme park but I hadn't packed much for home! One of the straps on my cami actually broke after one of the rides!! (You get what you pay for I suppose in Primark!) I had to spend the rest of the day with it tied to my bra strap, luckily it held out! These ripped boyfriend jeans are so comfy and are just about the right amount of ripped for me! We had such a fun day, although he said next time I can drive!

Wednesday I came back to Southampton to lots of lovely gifts (and a home made cake!) from my housemate! She got me so many little lovely bits and made such an effort for me! :)

As part of my present, we went to dinner at one of my favourite restraunts in Southampton called Turtle Bay. They do the best cocktails and the food is amazing! We always love to go there on special occasions. Here's what I wore:

Bag, Shoes, Leggings, Necklace - Primark
Shirt - Next

I actually got this shirt as uniform from Next last week, but I love it! Next isn't my usual style but this shirt is something I'd wear out of work. I didn't actually have time to change after getting the train, so this outfit wasn't actually planned for dinner but hey! 

Yes this was as amazing as it looks!! 

A little tipsy on cocktails?!

It was so lovely to spend a few days with James as I'm starting my full time work experience next week for a month. It's always really difficult during uni to spend quality time together, so this summer i'm so happy we've got to do so many nice things together. I'm really going to miss him! :(

Yesterday I had a girly day with my friend becky, and went out with a few friends last night! I am so lucky to have so many people that love me - turning 21 just makes you all emotional!

I start my work experience with LOOK magazine on monday - I'm so excited but nervous! Stay tuned for plenty of posts about that excited adventure. There'll be plenty of outfit posts and behind the scenes photos hopefully!

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