Monday, 29 July 2013

Beauty Favourites - Uni Student Style!

Looking at so many beauty blogs just got me thinking, there are always those products that you love and go back to time and time again. I have a few favourite products that I think from now on I'll always buy, as they work really well for me, and suit my student budget! I'm not lucky enough to own hundreds of designer beauty products (one day..) but these high street products are my best pick of the bunch.

1. St Moriz Tanning Mousse
With a little bit of natural tan left from my holiday and the heatwave, I'm not too pale naturally at the moment, but usually in winter I am a ghostly pale white which makes me look ill! I love having a bit of colour to your skin, I think it just makes you look so much healthier (and hides my freckly face!). I've been using St Moriz for about a year now, and at £2.99 a bottle it's the best tanning product I've used! I used to use St Tropez (when I had a full time job may I add!) and this works just as well, and hasn't got that strange greeny tint to it to stop you going orange I found with the more expensive stuff. This has always worked really well for me popping it on before bed, washing off the excess in the morning and the 'medium' tone leaves you with a lovely tanned glow that lasts a good few days. The only downside is that it does come off unevenly on some parts of your body, but it's not too noticeable. For under £3 this is my go-to tanning product!

2. Palmer's Cocoa Butter
I absolutley love this moisturiser and everything about it. I always try to stock on when it's on offer as it's usually about £4 for a bottle in some places. I'm sure everyone has used it at some point, and knows its very thick, creamy, smells amazing (!) and leaves your skin silky soft. I think this will be a product I'll always buy, as it just makes my skin feel amazing.

3. Boss - Femme eu de parfum
This is one of my all time favourite perfume scents. I originally bought it after my mum had it for a while, so it always reminds me of her too! I've nearly run out of this (boo!) but I will definetly be making a repurchase when I have the money. It's not too pricey I don't think, around £30/£35, and it stays on your skin all day. I'm not great at describing smells, but it's very feminine. I would definetley reccomend it to any perfume lover!

4. Zara - Applejuice eau de toilette
I've only discovered zara perfumes in recent months but they've quickly become my favourite! This gorgeous perfume smells sweet and appley, but isn't too n your face that you smell like a cider factory if you get what I mean. My friend originally bought this, and after sitting next to her at uni every day I could smell it on her, I just had to buy it. The best part is that it's only £9.99, which makes it a perfect every day scent. Zara have a great range of really nice perfumes. If you don't want to break the bank I'd head over there and test a few. 

5. Blistex Relief Lip Cream 
For years I've always lost 1000 lip balms, does anyone else have this issue? They just run away.. I've tried so many aswell. I have a horrible habit of picking at my lips.. I know I shouldn't and I hate it, as it always leaves me with sore, dried out and chapped lips. I turned to this Relief cream in winter when my lips were awful, and I was shocked at how amazing this stuff is! It's not the nicest thing to smear onto your lips in public as it looks like some sort of medicinal cream, but it's nice and moisturising. Within a day my chapped lips were healed again, and were silky soft. I've bought it since time and time again, and it's great for when your lips need a little TLC. It's also only £2 or £3 and lasts a good few weeks, so well worth the money. 

6. Topshop Lipstick
These are my favourite lippys. Ever. I own them in a few shades now, my favourite shade 'Nevada' is a perfect daytime nude that I've bought several times over. It ticks all the boxes for me and is only just over a fiver. Perfecto!

7. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil
This does the whole job for me. I don't take hours over my eyebrows as some girls do, but I find I don't really need to with this easy pencil. It's the perfect brown/black shade for my hairs, and with a quick few strokes it fills in my eyebrows and lasts all day. The only problem is that it needs sharpening quite often which means it runs out quicker then another product would, but for £2 a time it's a product I'll always buy.

8. Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Foundation
I've tried a few foundations over the years, but this is one I've stuck to for a couple of years now. I'm not actually sure it does last a ridiculous 25 hours on your face, I don't think any product would! (Why 25 hours anyway?!) But with a primer it does usually last the majority of the day. It gives a really good coverage too which I really like, even though I have quite clear skin, it really evens it all out and covers any marks or spots.  I usually like to stock up on 3 for 2 offers, but usually it's around £6.99 a bottle. 

So there you have it, my top 8 student friendly priced items I'll always buy. Have you tried any of these? Do you love any of these products too?

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