Monday, 24 June 2013

Holiday outfits!

Its safe to say I've accepted being back in the UK for a week now, and find the grey cloud so depressing! Over my holiday in Italy I took most of my new wardrobe additions from my London shopping trip with my sister a few weeks back, and I loved creating some new summery outfits my new pieces! I had some things which I'd saved especially too and couldn't wait to wear them. Here are a few of my outfits I wore over the week!

Travelling outfit
Everything - Primark!
My sister took this oh so flattering photo of my texting whilst queuing to get on the plane, but I thought at least it showed my outfit! I opted for this really comfy midi dress and denim jacket and scarf. I find these are nice just to keep you warm on the plane, and the scarf can be used as a wrap or pillow on the plane! I had to wear my straw hat otherwise it would have got swished in my case!

Day one:
Sunglasses - (prescription, same throughout)
Everything - Primark

The first day we were there we had a walk round a local italian town and had stopped at a couple of coffee shops. The weather was slightly cloudy, so this jumpsuit was perfect. It's so light and comfortable and felt as if I was wearing pajamas! I styled it simply with a tan belt, my mini basket bag and some black sandals. 
My sunglasses are prescription and aren't the most amazing in the world, but at least I can see through them! I am definitely looking into contact lenses as I've been so jealous of my friends recently picking up really trendy sunglasses!

Day two:
Top and sandals - Primark
Shorts and bag - H&M
Necklace - Topshop

This day we did some sightseeing around a beautiful italian town called Ousitini. The little streets and steps were such a gorgeous place to take some outfit photos!  I wanted to catch the sun so I wore my denim shorts with this really cute polkadot top, and my new daisy necklace which just cutens up any outfit!

Day three:
Everything - Primark

This day we headed to a local mall to have a bit of a shop! I decided to go quite casual with my denim skater skirt and cropped tee. I've really got into mixing and matching colours in my outfits recently, and the neon necklace and pink lipstick just gives it an extra oomph!

Day four:
Everything - Primark (Can you tell I love primark?!)

This day we went to a local market. We went early in the morning as before it got too hot, but I knew it would be boiling anyway, so I chose this cool cami printed top and my denim shorts. My new Barry M bright orange lippy worked great with this top.

Day five:
Everything - Primark

This maxi dress was a great, easy comfy option for being out in the heat. We went to the local supermarket and helped my auntie and uncle out, it's so strange they still have to do their weekly shop but in a different country! The italian supermarkets are amazing, and full of fresh food and VERY cheap alcohol!! I paired the dress with a tan belt, statement necklace and little basket bag. 

Day Six
Top and shoes - Primark
Skirt - Forever 21
Necklace - Topshop

For our last night we planned to dress up and go for dinner, but being in rural Italy, everything was shut on a Monday evening! Apparently Italians like to open and close their businesses as they please! We ended up just dressing up for one of my uncle's amazingly cooked meals and had a couple of drinks. I was terrified to wear this new skirt as I'm so scared I'm going to stain it! I love these new flatforms, they are perfect and so comfy. I think this was a really nice smart casual look that I could wear on a hot summer's day at home.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I took alot of clothes I didn't wear, but that always seems to be the case! Now I'm home I'm having to convert all my new bits into outfits that will keep me a bit warmer!

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