Friday, 7 June 2013

What I've been buying update! (Primark and Forever 21 Haul)

(WARNING: Photo heavy/long post!!)

Hi everyone! Hope you are good! What is with all this weird weather?! I'm not sure what it's like in other parts of the UK, but this morning up till about midday there were thunderstorms and heavy rain over Southampton.. It seems like it's cleared up now and it's back to sunshine and warmth. So strange! 

Luckily I was happily curled up in bed with the boyfriend who was visiting and slept through most of it! I'm a very happy girly right now, this week was the first time me and my boyfriend could spend a good couple of days quality time together! He came to Southampton and Wednesday night we went to see the Great Gatsby, which was amaaaaazzinnggg! I had wanted to see it for so long and it did not disappoint! I absolutely loved all the costumes, acting and music, it was a brilliant film. Yesterday we just chilled out and had a couple of cocktails on the rooftop of a local bar as it was so hot and sunny, was so lovely! 

Tuesday my sister and I hit London for a greatly anticipated shopping trip, and I have to say I went a bit mad.. I had weeks of pent up shopping fustration in me, and I bought near enough a whole new summer wardrobe! I couldn't have had a nicer week! To top it off, I'm going on holiday on Monday to South of Italy with my mum and sister, as my auntie and uncle live out there now. They have a lovely villa and have recently adopted two little doggies, so I cannot wait for a week of sunbathing, relaxing, and playing with two adorable pups!

So anyway! Here is my huuuge haul which includes all the bits I got in London, and including some extra bits I've exhanged or bought for my hols! Enjoy!

First off, beauty!:

A miniture bodywash (I loooooove minitures haha!) and ff course, sun cream is an essential. I never bother spending over £4 for a bottle, because I think some of the named brands are ridiculously overpriced! It's about £8 a bottle now isn't it?! I just picked up these cheapy brands at aldi and savers, and a huge bottle of aftersun for my sunburn! I also picked up this cheap disposable camera. Not sure how good it will be, but I think my fish eye has broken, so this will hopefully still give me some cute film photos.

Now this was a bit of an impulse buy! I actually went into boots to get something but it was out of stock, but this caught my eye. I saw it on someone else's blog a while ago and thought, 'that's such a good idea, a bronzing primer'! It's basically a mattifying primer which when rubbed into the skin leaves a gorgeous healthy brown tint to the skin, and will be great to use on nights out and when I'm on holiday, rather then using my wash off fake tan. It's very dark brown which is scary but has a lovely texture, but using a tiny amount of the tester on my hand gave a really nice colour, so I think this will last me a while. It was also on offer with £3 off, so that pretty much sealed the deal for me! It also has a gorgeous chocolaty fragrance which is amazing.

How gorgeous is this necklace?! I originally wanted to buy it in London but it was sold out! Luckily they still had some in my local store, so it must be really popular. Ever since I saw it I wanted it. It was rather pricey but I know you couldn't get a necklace like this anywhere else, and I will definitely be wearing it all summer. It's so adorable. But as soon as I got it home I realized the two daisies at the front look like they're not stuck on in the right places.. call me fussy but I think It's quite noticeable, and I'm going to go back in there tomorrow to exchange it for another one.. fingers crossed they don't sell out by tomorrow!! 

Now for Primark:

I'd wanted some ripped boyfriend jeans for a while, and these were a steal at £13. They're real comfy and look alot more expensive then they were. I bought these aztec trousers for my holiday and I wore them yesterday and they were sooo comfty, so I went back and got some more colourful ones today.

This is my favourite thing. Ever. Primark?! I hear you say? Yep. I knew it was only a matter of time before Primark jumped on the neon satchel bandwagon.. I've wanted one for agesss, and I could have jumped for joy when I saw this in the bags section. I knew I had to have it! It was only £9 too, and is the perfect size, and pretty much looks exactly like a Cambridge Satchel Company one... cheeky. Can't wait to use this over summer!

4 perfect summer tops. I wanted some more plain coloured camis but I only found this really pretty summery one. The red polkadot one just reminded me of some of Topshop's current stock and would be perfect just with denim shorts. I'm a bit unsure about this sporty one as it's not my usual style, but with ripped jeans it looks really casual, if I don't wear it I could just take it on holiday for a cover up anyway! I was on a mission to get out of my black and white colour rut and picked up this cute green cropped boyfriend tee.

I really wanted some printed trousers and I saw these and they reminded me of ones Topshop had in a while ago that I wanted, they fit so nicely and look great with just a black top. I'd also wanted this denim skater skirt for a while but they never had my size in my local store, luckily they had lots in London :) And finally a sunhat for my holidays!

Flatforms! Yess! I'd seen these in my local store in bright red and I only wish they had them in black. Behold, I saw these and grabbed my size, I'd been looking for some perfect flatforms for ages and I am SO happy with these!

These cute sandals were only about £3 I think! Such a bargain, they're so comfy too.

This skirt is from forever 21 (needs an iron, sorry!), I love it so much! It's such a simple shape and style that it will pretty much go with anything. I'm a bit warey of wearing it out or with fake tan on though as I don't want to ruin it! 

This is also from forever 21. I really loved the print and splash of colour. I wore it the other day with my black Topshop treggings for the cinema, it could definitely be dressed up or down.

And FINALLYYYY, I bought this lippy in Topshop oxford street, so I got student discount so it was under a fiver! I really wanted an orangey/coral lippy, and this one is really bright! I'm not sure if I like it or I can pull it off, but I will be trying in the next few weeks!

I hope you enjoyed that huge haul, I always love being nosey and seeing what other people have been buying! I have definitely done my fair share of shopping for the summer season, and I'll have lots of new outfit posts to put on here! Yay! I absolutely love having new clothes :) I hope you all have a great weekend!  Now I actually need to pack for my holiday.. oh dear!

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