Monday, 24 June 2013

Sale Buys feat. Topshop & Zara

It's that time of year again and the sales are in full swing. I'm never really a fan of rifling through most of the sale rails in shops, but Topshop always excites me when there's a sale on, and I always find something nice in there! This week was no exception, and I surprisingly found some beauties in my size! Isn't that just the best feeling?!

Crop top - Reduced to £12

I think this was something like £23 before, so it was pretty much half price. They had quite a few of them and they caught my eye, I really loved the summery colours and pretty floral print. The fabric is quite stiff but the shaped neckline is really flattering, and the cross strap detail back, little pocket and elasticated fit really make it a lovely good quality top. I thought this would be worn day or night, and dressed up or down really easily. I can imagine I'll be wearing this right up until winter!

Denim dress - Reduced  to £18

This was £38 originally so was definitely a bargain! I really liked the simplicity of this A-line dress, and looked really lovely on. It looks huge here but it fits really well! I was tempted to take it back but after wearing it today I think it's muscled its way into my wardrobe.. oops.

I had to limit myself to the amount of jewellery I bought as I grab it like there's no tomorrow when it's half price as it's usually ridiculously expensive! These little neon triangle earrings were just over £3, and think they'll add a pop of colour to any outfit. I also bought this beaded rope necklace for about £7, all of them were damaged but I got the one which was the least, and even then it was only on one side.

Zara perfumes - LA reduced to £9.99
Applejuice £9.99

I've run out of ALL of my perfumes at once, which is the worst thing to happen, especially when you're birthday is only a month or so away (and your boyfriend will most probably get you some new perfume as he is useless at gifts!) but I've really missed my favourite smell! This zara applejuice perfume I discovered through my friend wearing it (I ALWAYS seem to buy perfume that I smell on other's first!) and has become one of my favourite scents. At £9.99 too, this bottle lasts a good few months and is great as it doesn't break the bank! I had bought this when my friend Becky shouted over to me 'There's perfume that's on sale!' and I ran back (She also smashed one of the testers on the floor, I can't take her anywhere..) I had looked at these 'Los Angeles' and 'Miami' perfumes before and they smell amazing. They were reduced from £12.99 to £9.99, so I thought I might as well make the most of it and get one. The box has palm trees on the side (not shown) and the bottle is an ombre of green and is sooo pretty, and it smells just amazing. If you've never tried perfumes from Zara I would highly reccomend them, they are such good value! I'm so glad I'm now fully stocked up for a few months for under £20!

Have you picked up any amazing sale buys yet?!

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  1. I love your little denim dress! I have a thing for shapeless denim dresses! Your blog is so lovely.

    Lindsey. x