Thursday, 20 June 2013

Home from Italia!

Hi everyone, hope you are all well! On tuesday I got home from a week in Italy! Although it is majorly depressing coming home from blazing sunshine and blue skies, I was kind of glad to be home as I'd missed my boyfriend lots and it was getting unbearably hot to sunbathe out there, over 35 degrees some days! My auntie and uncle moved out to southern Italy a year or so ago and bought a wonderful villa (complete with olive tree orchid!), so my mum, sister and I now take holidays to visit them. The first couple of days were actually really cloudy and windy which was a bummer, but I did manage to get a decent bit of tan :)

It was really lovely to spend time with the family and get some sun, and one of the main highlights was their new pets! There are alot of stray dogs in Italy, and my auntie wanted to adopt one (I don't blame her, I'd probably take them all in the poor things!) when a couple of their friends discovered two sister puppies which had been abandoned in a blocked off feild, with no food, water, or mummy dog in sight. They took them in, luckily they were in perfect health and very friendly (just very hungry and thirsty) and are now named Poppy and Cara, and live in the villa! I love animals, although I've never had a dog of my own, spending a week with these little pups really made me want to own one one day! They are adorable, lovable animals which breaks your heart to think they would have been left for dead if they hadn't be found. We got plenty of licks and cuddles with the playful puppies, and I fell in love with little poppy, she loved having her belly rubbed! 

As my auntie and uncle live in quite a remote area in the countryside, it's not very touristy, which is nice as it is very relaxing and quiet, but not many people speak English! We did lots of things like visit the local town, markets, shopping centers and some more touristy areas which were really nice, and just relaxed in the sun! 
Here are a few photos from the week (I came back with more photos of the dogs than anything else haha!):

The 'share a coke' was also done there, but it was funny seeing all the names such as 'Ricardo' and 'Fabio' on there, as well as these 'la sexy' and 'la blogger' ones I found! I haven't put many photos of myself up as I am saving those for my next post - my outfits of the day!
Hope you enjoyed this post, are you jet setting off anywhere in the sun soon?!

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