Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summer night outfit for under £35..?

I'm a huge primark lover.. I always seem to get a rush going in there and finding gems that look way more pricey then they are. Everyone knows they have some tacky rubbish in there that you wouldn't dream of wearing, but being a fashion student on a budget, my wardrobe is being heavily over taken by the (not so much anymore) cheap and cheerful clothing Primark as to offer.

 I've had a few bits which have broken in the first few weeks, but you get what you pay for I guess. However having said that, I've had some primark bits in my wardrobe for a good couple of years that have lasted and are quite good quality. I've found during the last couple of years they've really upped their game on trends, and picked up much quicker on certain items,prints and styles, which means to be on trend instead of heading to Topshop, I can pick up something similar for half the price in there. Yes it's very hot and messy in there, and yes finding your size is sometimes like a needle in a haystack, but I just love it.

 Some of my friends admit they are more 'snobs' with fashion, and wouldn't dream of having a rummage on the messy shop floor in there, but are always shocked when they ask when something I'm wearing is from, and I reply 'Oh, Primark!', and say I always manage to pick out the good pieces!

I recently bought a few items in there to incorporate into my wardrobe. With work experience at a fashion magazine coming up soon, I focused on buying smart casual pieces I could dress up or down depending on  the event. Last night me and some friends found ourselves all together in Southampton (a rare occasion during summer as we're all busy!), and decided to make the most of it and go out on the town. I wore some of my new Primark items, and realized that the total cost of my outfit (shoes, bag, jewellery, the lot) cost just £33. Fashion student bargain outfit I may say! Here's what I wore: 

Cami £5
Skirt £8
Bag £3 (Sale)
Necklace £4
New Look:
Shoes - £13 (With 25% off)

With the warm nights I knew I'd not have to worry about feeling the cold, which is always a worry on a night out!
Sorry the photos are dodgy, I didn't actually get a photo of my whole outfit! I've already bought this cami top in 3 different colours, for £5 they're so easy to wear and are great for any occasion. This bright pink one just caught my eye, I had to have it! I've seen similar ones in Topshop for £18, which is just ridiculous if you ask me! I now have 4 different ones for just over that! :)
I'd seen quite a few people wearing these black maxi skirts with slits in and thought they looked really nice. I picked this one up for just £8. I wore it during the day, and it's really cool and looks quite sophisticated. I think it'll also be great for dressy nights out.
This bag I got a while ago for a mere £3, it's quite smart and does the job!
I forgot to do a blog post dedicated to these amazing shoes! I bought these in New Look a couple of weeks ago.. I'd been umming and ahhing over stillettoes for so long, I really wanted some but I literally could not walk in any of the ones I tried! Until.. I tried on these bad boys. The heel is slightly lower and a bit thicker, so I could actually walk/stand/dance in them! I was sold, and my wonderful friend Becky who works there got me 25% off them, so they were only about £13! :) They look so pretty on my feet and make me feel very girly, the pain in your feet the next morning is totally worth it!
We went to oceana and it was extremely hot and sweaty in there, but we  had a really fun night!
After my 21st birthday in a couple of weeks I am hoping I may be able to head further than Primark for some bits, but for now I'm quite happy in my budget clothing. Cheap clothing never has to look cheap if you dress if the right way I find!!

Are you a fan of Primark..? 

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