Friday, 26 July 2013

"I have no clothes!"

..Is something I'm sure every girl says, either that or 'I have nothing to wear', but has a wardrobe bursting with clothes! This is something I often find myself saying some mornings, when I just seem to hate everything I have, and want to go out and buy some more. With 2 internships coming up, I know I'm going to have plenty of early rushed mornings getting ready, I also want to give the right impression and go for smart casual (but trendy) outfits that will still be comfortable for my long days. My style is mainly quite smart and girly anyway (You won't find any trainers, rucksacks or hoodies in my wardrobe!) but I'm starting to panic I don't have enough smart pieces for 6 weeks! 

I had the idea of rummaging through all my clothes and styling outfits I'd be happy to be seen in at Look Magazine (where my first work experience placement is - ahhh!). After an hour or so of throwing clothes, jewllery and handbags all over the place, I managed to easily get together 20 outfits (one for every day) with a smart casual look. I was really surprised actually, and this made me realize that with a little creativity I could probably get away without buying too many extras. 

Here are a few examples of what I came up with. It was surprisingly easy to just change a top, a necklace, and a bag, and come up with a totally different look. The coloured cami tops from Primark are perfect for this, and can be mixed and matched with so many bottoms in my wardrobe! I'm hoping the weather will still be warm(ish) , but any of these outfits would be great still with a leather jacket thrown over the top. I haven't included shoes as I like to do this last minute when I'm dressing! I haven't yet decided what I'm going to wear for my first day, but with these photos I've now got a scrapbook of outfits made from my own wardrobe, and if I'm ever stuck for ideas I can flick through and get ready in an instant.

If anyone finds themselves in this position (having plenty of clothes but never knowing what to wear!) , I would say this is a great thing to do, as it really shows you how many things you own and how differently you can wear them. 

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