Monday, 15 July 2013

I'm back!

Hello all! As you may (or may not!) have noticed I've been away from blogging for a while. I've recently moved student house and been mega busy, and with no internet blogging was put aside for a bit. We're finally settled into a wonderful new student house (with internet - yay!) and I can finally get back to it. Anyone who's moved house knows how manic and stressful it can be!

As I only work saturdays, I've been moving between my home in Somerset and Southampton the last few weeks making the most of my free time with my boyfriend/friends and family. Last week I did some overtime at work at next setting up the sale and working.. I'm absolutely knackered now and it was a nightmare in this hot weather, but I'm thinking about the money more than anything which is very much needed at this point of the year, when student loans in September seem so far away, boo! 

I'm loving the sunshine at the moment, and some sunbathing took place last week in our new garden as well as a BBQ, it's so great having a garden, as all of last year we had a tiny little flat with no outdoor space! I'm feeling like it's got a bit TOO hot these last few days, and now I'm slightly tanned I am keeping inside in the shade and keeping cool.. does anyone else wish it was just a LITTLE cooler?! 

I had a day trip to Brighton the other week for my friend's 21st. I was so excited to go there as I'd never been, and we spent the day looking round vintage shops and having a real fun time. We went out too that was really good, although the hot train hungover the next day did not go down well!

I'm starting to stress as it's now about a month until I start my work experience at Look magazine and living in London! I'm a real worrier, and I'm more nervous than anything. It's my 21st just before then in 3 weeks today and I haven't even got anything planned as I'm more worried about moving to London!

 I'm also waiting for my 2nd year results which I get on Friday,  but before I got them I recieved a very exciting email from my tutor. One of our project last term was on the brand Ted Baker. Now I never knew very much about the brand, but after designing my own range for them and writing a 50 page report on the brand, I came to love it, it's such an individual, quirky brand with great British quality pieces. My tutor told me because of the quality of my work, I had been chosen as one of 3 girls to do work experience with Ted Baker! After seeing my work they wanted me in their Womenswear Buying Department, I couldn't believe it and actually nearly cried with happiness! Opportunities like this don't come easy, and I'm dead excited to be part of Ted Baker HQ for a couple of weeks! It looks like I may be living in London for the rest of the summer, and I'm sure it's going be difficult, stressful and tiring, but at this point in my degree I cannot let any opportunity for fashion experience slip by... eeeeee! 

But anyway! Here are some piccies of my life recently! Enjoyyy! :)

Denim and daisies / Taking down the photos in my room and reminiscing about fresher's week! / Painting my toe nails.. and the boyfriend's / Me ready for our last night out at the flat / My new bedroom / Tropical fruit pastels...mmm! / My ever growing perfume collection / Facemask with the boyfriend / My friend Caroline in a vintage shop in Brighton / A vintage photobooth, so much fun! / I finally caved into buying some stilettos! / First BBQ at the house / New elle magazine / Tanned legs! / Me at home / My onesie I picked up at the Next sale

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