Saturday, 24 May 2014

Recent Purchases

I find myself in a strange limbo recently between being a student and an unemployed fashion graduate! I'm currently looking and stressing about trying to find a full time job, yet just wanting to relax and enjoy my last few weeks in Southampton. Payday came around and I thought I'd treat myself to a few bits and bobs. I'm trying my hardest to save money for when I leave but I'm actually addicted to shopping.. aren't all girls?! It'll probably do me the world of good to be moving away from a city center and back home to the countryside where I cannot access any shops..

First off, BANK.

After 'popping' into BANK after work, I was actually surprised at how nice some of the clothing was in there. I'd never been a massive fan as the one in Southampton is tiny, but they had some beautiful summer co-ords and prints in there. I picked up this grey cami dress for £16 (with student discount) after falling in love with it. The crossed straps and v-neck make it a perfect summer staple to thrown on on those warm days. Sandals and a bag and I'm set to go. My favorite basic striped top shrunk in the wash the other day, so I needed a replacement. This logo one was in the sale for £10 and fit the bill nicely. I also had my eye on this 'SUCKER FOR LOVE' top before it went into the sale, which was also £10. I'm a sucker for a slogan recently.. can you tell?!

I think this slogan is so very good for a fashion graduate like myself.. I really do have so many issues!! This top was such a bargain too, it was £5 from a trusted ebay seller, free P&P and it even came the next day. Very happy.


I'm in loveeeeeee!! I'd wanted some white sandals for a while as I'm wearing my caged black ones alot in this in-betweeny weather, and when I saw these ones online I had to have them. I'm not really a fan of online shopping as you never know with sizings and quality, but luckily they fit me perfectly. They were £25, but they are great quality and I absolutely adore them!

This print is quite bright for me, but the fit was so lovely I had to keep it. It will be great for nights out and summer/beach/holidays with some white sandals. It's a lovely stretch fabric which is really flattering, and it's slightly longer than normal playsuits which I really like, no fears about flashing your bum.


 A basic striped boyfriend tee.. always needed for those casual days. And this one was only £3.50! I really liked this mini handbag. Now i've finished uni I don't have to worry about having big bags to throw everything in, and usually when I'm out and about I just need a few bits. This one is a great size for my nessecities.

Ellen xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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