Saturday, 26 January 2013

OOTN - 25/01/2013

On my last post I wrote about finding this lovely dog print top in Zara for a measly £8! A few hours later and a spontaneous night out planned, I decided it was a smart casual top to wear for the occasion. I teamed it with my gold chain necklace from H&M, and my new Kate Moss 107 Berry lipstick. I was unsure about getting a dark lipstick for ages, but I decided to bit the bullet with this one, and I'm glad I did. It's a wonderful colour, and smells amazing!

On my bottom half I put on my trusty (and warm) wet look leggings, and had my Primark black studded clutch bag. I also had new shoes to my joy (don't you love wearing new clothing!?). I picked up some amazing black wedges in H&M that are gorgeous and comfy, perfect for going out dancing. On tuesday I came across the cream ones, in the sale, from £30 to £7, and I complained the had a mark on and got another £1.70 off, so they ended up being just over £5! So now I have  them in two colours, which I love! 

I'm afraid I didn't get any decent outfit shots, but here are a couple of photos that show you my outfit a little better. (Really sorry they're such bad quality! No cameras were taken out so it was all phone shots!)

Me posing on my lonesome! At least you can see my outfit :)

We won way too many free drinks!

Drunken hugs! I look so pale in these photos, I haven't fake tanned in a while, and the winter has got to my skin!

 It was a night where you played rock paper scissors against the bar staff, and if you won, you won another free round of drinks. Amazingly we all kept winning, so there were drinks flowing all night. Needless to say getting up at 8am for work with only 4 hours sleeps was a struggle, and I took a much needed 3 hour nap earlier! I'm starting to really want to make the most of uni nights with my friends right now, because before I know it, I'll be graduating and into the big wide world of work!!


  1. love the top, such a cute print! i wish i had the balls to complain when things have marks on them to get money off, great bargain! x

    1. Thanks! Ahh I always do! The customer is always right, and most of the time they will give you extra money off! :) x

  2. love the tops!!so adorable!!
    amd you looks pretty:)

  3. Soooo cute!! Love the little doggies ^^
    Lovek Paula