Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bulldog Blouse

So this week has been busy busy busy! I've been back at uni and have been set my new 3 briefs. They're all quite different, but all theoretical surprisingly! So no sketchbook work, which I'm kind of glad about, considering when I'm doing 2 sketchbooks at a time I can go through about 10 pritt sticks and £60+ worth of ink printing out images! Although I really like doing them, I've got lots of fashion written pieces and online photo shop pages to create, which is fine really, it's just going to be alot of work.

After our seminar yesterday me and my friend Caroline went into town as I had a couple of things to do. I picked up my new uniform (my loovely bodycon black dress, so lovely it deserves two o's) from next, and it was as lovely as I remembered it. It's a gorgeous thick textured fabric that really fits well and flatters your shape:

I did a close up on the fabric so you can see, it's got nice raised lines all over it. For £35, I would say it was really good value for a LBD that you can always dress up, and down, and will be really formal and smart for certain occasions. It was really comfortable too at work today, but did find the arm holes dug in slightly, but I find the sizings quite odd in there, so it fit beautifully everywhere else.

I also popped into Zara. I don't go in there too often now, but I thought i'd take a look at their sale that was still on. To my surprise there was tons of beautiful things in there, and I couldn't resist this little blouse! I originally saw the print on a pair of trousers and thought they were adorable, but a little OTT, but once I found this top I was sold. It has a gorgeous cute little bulldog print all over it. It was from £23 to just £8, and I couldn't say no.

Look at the little doggies with their tongues poking out! Such a lovely print! The studs and fit make it quite smart, but I think I could wear it in the daytime too. What a bargain. 

I also returned a dress to Primark, and part exchanged it for these lovelies:

There's a huge trend for these knick knack hipster bracelets right now, but everywhere such as Topshop and River Island sell them for a ridiculous amount for what they actually are, pieces of string! When I came across these three string bracelets for £1.50 I grabbed them. I find bracelets are a really good way of making your outfit more quirky and individual. They had another pack with turquoise and silver ones, so I may be picking that set up too in the next week or so!

I wore my pretty new blouse on a night out too, outfit to follow! Are you still hunting down bargains even thought it's the end of January? I still am!

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