Thursday, 17 January 2013

Today's Purchases


Hello, from a very very cold Southampton! This was me this afternoon wrapped up in layers walking into town, it's so nippy outside!
Yesterday I had the final 2 bits of my projects for last term, 2 presentations, one group and one individual. I was so nervous (who actually likes presentations?!) but I'm pleased to say I nailed them both, and after dreading and worrying about them for days before I was more then relieved to have them over and done with! 

Last night I saw my boyfriend for the first time in 10 days, which was great. I'd really missed him so much. He's busy at home revising for his 3rd year exams, and I won't see him for another 4 days. But hey, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder! 

Technically for the next 3 days I have absolutely nothing to do except bum about.  Which I'm kind of really happy about, but part of me just wants to get back into the swing of uni and our new projects! With heavy snow forecasted for tomorrow, I though I'd entertain myself today and take a mooch around town. 

Tomorrow will be my 'stay in bed and watch films and the snow' day! 
Here's the fun things I bought:

Bath bomb from Lush - Space girl £2.10

Some of you may remember my 'things I never knew I needed' post, that included lush products. I really shouldn't make it a habit, but after my presentations I thought I deserved a treat! I can't wait to use this later in the bath. It smells divine, and with the little planet shape and glitter who could resist! I can't wait to have a long soak in the bath with this baby later.


 Yankee Candles - Paradise Spice, Waikiki Melon and Fluffy Towels £1.80 each

I've been well and truly sucked into the candle hype. I've always loved scented candles and during Christmas I loved being tucked up in bed with a cinnamon smelling one burning whilst I chilled out. If I was a millionnaire I'd probably have 100 different Yankee candles, as they smell absolutely incredible. However, being a student I decided to go for these small ones. They were only £1.80 each, which I thought wasn't bad, and had a good few hours burn time. I bought these from my local clinton cards, and they didn't have that much of a variety. I'm usually attracted to rich berry smells, but these three I really loved. Paradise spice just smelt really pretty and fresh, the melon is amazingly fruity, and the fluffy towels just reminds me of warm washing. I haven't unwrapped these yet but as soon as I got them out the bag I could smell how good they were. Can't wait to light these up, and hopefully treat myself to a jar one in the future!

Jumper - H&M £14.99

I was very cheeky, and took back some sequined shorts I bought and wore out (label still in of course!) and exchanged them for this. I thought I might as well exchange it for something I'll wear more often casually then some shorts I'll probably only wear out a couple of times! I'd had my eye on this jumper for a few days now, and I didn't know what it was about the colour but I was just attracted to it! My wardrobe is getting into a neutral rut, and the only colorful items I seem to like is bright knitwear for some reason! So when I do see a colour I like I'm tempted to grab it and put some pizazz into my wardrobe. They had quite a few different neon colours, that I thought were a bit OTT, as well as black and white, but this bright purple is just so lovely! I got a medium size so it's slightly oversized, but I really love it, and with a simple gold necklace and jeans it'll look great.

 Top - Primark £10

I'm usually a primark addict, but recently I'm not loving the store. I'm not sure what's happened but I feel like their clothing has gone a bit downhill this season, and I'm not as tempted as I usually am to spend in there. I did come across this little top which I really liked. Sorry the photo isn't great, I folded it weird!  It's basically a 3/4 length baggy jumper top kind of thing. It fits really well, and I liked the bobbly texture of the fabric. Another winter top added to my collection!


And finally.. Dress - Next £35 (But to me, £9.50!)

As the next sales are over, we're told we need to wear new season clothing for our uniform. I have an allowance of £75, and I thought this season I'd buy a tailored smart dress. We get 75% off the price of the item. I tried on quite a few, but this simple one is really flattering and looks great. It looks quite business like and middle aged on the model and the images, but on it looks like a nice black midi dress - So I may be able to get away with styling it up on a night out! We'll see...

I always like reading about what people have bough recently - so I hope you enjoyed that! :)


  1. Yankee Candles smell the absolute best..they're amazing! ^.^ Hope all your presentations went well and enjoy ya restful few days! :)

    1. I've had the fluffy towels one burning for a couple of hours and it smells amazing, reminds me of warm towels hot out a tumble dryer! Thank you! :)

  2. I really like the look of that Primark jumper/top!x

    1. I know, I love basic tops I can jazz up with accessories! :)

  3. great haul! the purple jumper looks lovely!
    followed you xoxo

  4. I nominated you for the liebster award! YAY.
    Follow my link to see the rules of the contest and my questions :)