Sunday, 30 December 2012

Daxon VIP Bloggers Opportunity!

Hi everyone! I came across this opportunity on another blog and thought it was too good to pass up! Fashion brand *Daxon* are offering bloggers the chance to get a free £50 amazon gift card, how good is that? 

"Here at Daxon, we are looking to reward the UK’s finest fashion bloggers who love and live for fashion by offering the chance to become part of our exclusive blogger network. You will be rewarded with a £50* voucher from Amazon or Threadless just for joining! "

"Giving You a little insight into Daxon

We are part of Redcats, which is the 3rd largest home shopping organisation in the world. We specialise in top quality clothing, for all occasions, to give you effortless style. We aim to find the perfect fit for you. We don’t believe in compromise when it comes to fashion!"

All you have to do is add the badge onto your blog, and email them to let them know you've done it. You can find all the information and bits and bobs here!

Go check it out! :)


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