Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Week

Hello lovely people, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I've hit 37 followers, and I can't thank everyone enough! I'm so glad that that many people actually read my posts and hopefully enjoy! I'm always keen for new people to follow, so please keep 'em coming! :)

This week so far has been a bit of a chaotic nightmare if I'm honest! I knew Christmas was going to be slightly different this year as I now have a job based in Southampton, and knew it would mean traveling back and forth between here and my home (Somerset, South west of the UK) for me. It only takes about an hour in the car, and on the train, but I'm knackered after scooting myself and my suitcase all round the country this week! I work at Next, and had to work on Christmas eve evening, where the staff set up the sale.. As you may (or may not know, do you maybe live under a rock?! :P) that the next sales are BIG news, and are always crazy. I got a train home eventually that night after my first one being cancelled due to flooding, and spent Christmas day at home. It was really nice, but a small affair as it's only me, my mum and my uncle. I made the most of it though and had a beautiful roast dinner, ate lots of junk, saw my boyfriend and got lots of nice pressies! :)

I didn't get anything that exciting (although I got my hair curlers that I wanted, no more stealing my friend's!), and no where near as extravagant as some blogger's have shown! But I'm always grateful for what I do get. My mum has paid for me and my sister's flights to fly to Italy next July to visit my auntie and uncle who moved out there, so that was my main present, and is most definitely something to look forward to in these winter months! 

Boxing day was the first day of the sales, and my mum drove me back to Southampton for my shift. I was on kids wear for 5 hours, and spent the whole time picking clothes up from the floor, and it wasn't my idea of a relaxing boxing day! I did however stop every now and then to 'aww' and coo over the mini christmas jumpers and miniature outfits! My luminous green tshirt was pretty sexy too..

After discovering how to curl my hair properly, I LOVE doing it! My hair looks so flat and boring otherwise, and I'm worried it's going to start being a very time consuming habit for me in the mornings.. As it's getting ridiculously long now it's a great way to add volume and bounce to my mane, I may follow up with a review soon :)

After my shift was over my mum drove me home once again, because I didn't want to be in my student flat alone on boxing day! I spent yesterday with my boyfriend, and came back on the train. I worked friday and saturday, then FINALLY I am home for a whole week! I'm so excited, I feel like I haven't done anything particularly exciting yet over Christmas, and really want to do something fun with my boyfriend, all my friends at home are busy this week unlucky for me!

Of course there is a bonus to working in the sales, the staff get first pick of anything they want! It was hard not to pick up all of the gorgeous Next home pieces, but I did treat myself to a couple of bits..

I NEEDED to have this cushion in my life! It was so big and fluffy and gorgeous I had to buy it. It was £14 down to £6 so I grabbed it, and it now takes pride of place on my bed.

I also got these 'treggings' but they're just actually really nice thick leggings,  I'd had my eye on them for a while in the store and when they were down to £8 from £14 I decided to get them! I've been LIVING in leggings recently and thought these were really nice and different. (Outfit post to follow!)
I'm trying desperately to save save save and not spend, although I couldn't resist this little iPhone case though from accessorize, that was £5!

So adorable! I couldn't resist the little ears on there..

I've been so busy and traveling everywhere, I can't wait to just sit still and relax for a week. Although I should probably start thinking about doing some university work - I have two presentations to do when I get back!
My Christmas has been pretty hectic, but I can't wait for my payday in January! :) I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and had lots of fun!


  1. I've worked the Next boxing day sale too! 6 o clock start then hours of running round picking up clothes only for them to be on the floor again two minutes later!
    Loving your blog so far please pop over to mine too if you get chance :)
    Chloe xx

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