Sunday, 23 December 2012

Rudolph Nails

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's Christmas eve EVE today! I'm not feeling all that Christmassy right now though unfortunately, as i'm working right up to 6pm tomorrow (tagging sale items at Next - lucky me!), and I'm back to Southampton boxing day for work, so I'm a bit sad I'm not going to have that 'post Christmas' turkey sandwiches/family/animated films kinda day, but oh well, it's all money towards my much needed January pay check! I've worked in a Next sale before, and it was absolutely mental, but surprisingly fun on tills. The time flies by, although I've heard the Christmas sale is even more mad.. I'm going to be honest, It's not the most fun job in the world picking up clothes from the floor in a store that looks like a bomb has hit it, but hey ho. I just want this week to be over and done with ASAP so I can spend all next week at home! I might also grab first choice of a few bargains too..

But anyway, back to the main subject of my post, Christmas nails! I'm a huge fan of nail varnishes, nail art, and anything new on the scene I'm wanting to try out. I really wanted to do some fun Christmassy nails this year, and so I googled some images for inspiration. At christmas the nail art is endless, from candy canes and snowflakes, so fair isle decorations and glitter christmas trees on the ends of your fingers. I couldn't do anything too detailed as I don't have any nail art pens, but I do have quite a steady hand with a brush due to practice! I was spoilt for choice, but I could not resist giving some adorable little reindeer nails a go! There were plenty on google, some great, and some very bad! I looked at a few tutorials and chose the best looking ones, and combined it with colors I already had. 

Here's what and how I did it! :)

Nail polish used:

1. Models own 3 in 1 base/top coat

2. Barry M gold Instant nails effects 
on it's own this chips off SO easily, such a bad product! :( 

3. 17 Lasting fix in Forever

4. Models Own nail art pen 
as I didn't own a dark brown! The pen has broken so I used the thin brush on the opposite end

5. Barry M in Red Glitter the most festive of all my nail varnishes!

Step 1: Base coat of course! 

Step 2: Base colour, I chose the Barry M gold foil polish as I thought it was a nice festive metallic :)

Step 3: I drew a semi circle at the end of my nail in the light brown, as neatly as I could. Was much harder on my right hand..

Step 4: Next I added some antlers. I would have used a dark brown, but I didn't have one, so used the next best thing, a black with a thin nail brush :)

Step 5: The finishing touches, I added a red nose to each rain deer with the red glitter, and used a tiny blob of white, then black for the eyes, and voila! 

Some of them look a bit cross eyed but I was pretty pleased with how easy they were, and I did most of it with normal nail brushes! I was terrified of smudging them, as I always do with freshly painted nails, but added a clear topcoat when they were dry.

So, what do you think? I'm really happy with them, and I'm being really careful not to chip them as I feel like a repair job could take a while! Have you stumbled across any fun Christmas nail art this year?


  1. Cutest nails I have ever seen! I want to try something like this on my nails xx

  2. I love these nails!! they are so cute! x