Saturday, 8 December 2012

OOTD 7/12/12

Hi guys! Just wanted to share a couple of outfit posts from yesterday, and outfit of the day, and outfit of the night which will follow. Yesterday I hit the shops with my friend Caroline, and accidently on purpose bought more then I had planned.. In Urban Outfitter's changing rooms they had amazing mirrors, which I thought I would take advantage of to quickly snap my outfit!

Top, bag, coat and tights - Primark
Shorts - H&M
Scarf - Vintage (My mum's from years ago!)

This is a casual outfit for me, I went to uni before heading into town. I'm wearing alot of black this winter, I'm getting a bit grungey! The scarf I really love, as it's originally my mum's, and I remember her wearing it when I was little! I'd seen similar ones in H&M and remembered my mum owned this checkered green one and she's given it to me to wear this season. It's so strange how things come back in fashion over a number of decades, they were so similar to the ones being sold in UO too for over £8! Don't you love a bit of fashion recycling?

I tried on quite a few things in Urban Outfitters, it was strange because I usually think it's too expensive for me and usually just browse all the pretty things, but I actually found a jumper which I fell in love with (photo to follow!), which was actually too pricey for me, but I could NOT have left it in the shop, I needed to own it! It was another vintage piece, and I can imagine had a nice life, but I can't wait to give it a new home, I know it's something I will want to wear everyday.

It's really long, big, and oversized (the angle of the photo isn't great!). It's a lovely dark grey and gold thread which makes it looks glittery and very Christmassy! It was £35 but around £31 with my student discount. I wouldn't usually spend so much on  a jumper, but I just wanted it so badly after I'd tried it on, and decent jumpers are usually over the £25 mark anyway. It's a perfect fit for me, so I can wear it neat on the shoulders or slouchy off, and roll up the sleeves if I want. It's so long I could easily wear it with leggings or even tights, and I can't wait to style it up. I think it's even nice enough to wear as smart casual because of the gold in it. Even though it's vintage it looks quite modern, but I know nobody else will have one exactly like it! It's a shame there aren't many decent charity shops in Southampton high street, because I do love looking for one off things!


  1. Cute outfit :)

  2. such a great blog I love reading your postsxxx