Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sports Luxe Shoot

A post or two back I said about a styling project we currently have (with the hand in next friday ahh!) where we have to produce a magazine style feature for i-D magazine, and showed what my friend Caroline had done for hers. I did mine a few days after, and I've only just got round to editing them properly! My beautiful friend Lorren agreed to model for me, for my 'plus size' feature with neon sportswear, they still need tweeking and editing a bit more, but they look pretty decent so far so I'm rather happy! Take a look at her blog too - Life of Lorren (LOL).

I'm a bit annoyed as I took them at home, and used a make-shift white backdrop, which had many marks on, so I've had to edit them quite a bit, but so far so good! I know some of the backgrounds are a bit dodgy but with a few more hours work I will make them look perfect I hope! I now need to put these into a layout and do a two page written feature, so lots to do still! What do you think?! :)


  1. your model is absolutely gorgeous! so photogenic its unfair :( they're brilliant photos too, they look very professional - you honestly can't tell they were done at home without a proper professional backdrop!
    ellie x

  2. These are the best ones really - there were loads when she was laughing/blinking haha! thank you! I'm getting much better at photo shop recently! :) x x

  3. aww, well these all look lovely! :) xx