Thursday, 6 December 2012

All I want for Christmas.. a hideous Christmas jumper! I bought a coral jumper with metallic gold threading from H&M a few weeks ago, and I absolutley love it! It is literally one of the only jumpers I have and I'm really wanting to buy another one or five.. I can't believe it's already december, and in a couple of weeks it'll be the big day. It's getting freezing cold now, and I want something I can snuggle into! Whilst googling 'Christmas Jumper' yesterday I got many weird and wonderful results. My friend Caroline and I saw the most hidiousley lovely vintage Christmas jumpers in Urban Outfitters the other day, they actually looked like they'd been taken from 90 year olds and put into the shop. They were so ugly you almost wanted to wrap it round you and give it a good home.. 

So what is the line between trendy fair isle knit jumper and a jumper that is just plain ugly!? Here are my few top picks of knitwear I've seen online that border on 'so wrong it's right'. - £20

River Island - £35

(This is so cute - I'm actually considering buying this one!)
Lavish Alive - £21

New Look - £16.99

Now.. this piece of knitwear is bordering on down right awful. 
Topshop - £75 (! paha)

I'm definetley going to be purchasing some sort of jumper with reindeers on soon to wear on Christmas day! What do you think of this season's knitwear?!


  1. oo I love the Lavish Alice one! Not too sure about the Topshop one though!

  2. I know, it's so sweet with the hearts on, i'm hitting primark today to see if I can get anything similar! I know that Topshop one is just dreadful, for £75 too! x xx